2020 is finally coming to a close. And in many ways, it feels like the less said about this year the better. One of the most excruciating things that were missing this year in most places certainly has been events, festivals, and parties.

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Will Festivals be allowed to happen in 2021?

So, will there be events and Festivals in 2021? There is no easy answer to this and it heavily depends on where you are located. There are already events happening in a few places right now. But in large parts of the western world events and especially large events are mostly prohibited. And in many cases it does not look like this would change anytime soon.

There is certainly light on the end of the tunnel, especially regarding the vaccines that are being deployed while I speak. But the rollout will take some time. I know from a friend in England that is also a professional event promoter, that you will be required to be vaccinated to attend large events of any kind. Currently, there are no clear laws about this in many places which further makes planing a nightmare for organizers.

Anxiety and the fear of crowds

Many people around the world stayed mostly at home and still do so to this day. Although surely not all but at least a sizable amount of people will not jump into big events immediately. This is an incredibly hard situation not only for prospect guests but also for Promoters and Organizers since their risk to do events now has even become bigger than it already was in pre-pandemic times.

Adding to that is the uncertainty of mask laws and regulations that curb the size of gatherings. To meet regulations that likely aren’t going away before a vaccine is distributed, organizers will have to limit the number of people on any given event at once, especially in indoor situations. A more likely and feasible option is the anyway more beloved outdoor events. But depending on where in the world you are, this can be difficult depending on new laws and regulations put into place for or during the corona pandemic. Organizers that want to be among the first to reopen, have no other option than to collaborate and adhere to local and national regulations.

Less Money and Less Budget

Unfortunately, during a crisis like the one we have on our hands, almost everybody loses. The budgets of organizers as well as potential party-goers have been significantly reduced during the pandemic. And with the increased risk for organizers, it is even more risky than usual to plan any big events.

So, will we have in-person events and festivals in the year 2021? Yes, but the number will be nowhere near as before Event organizers will have to get creative with events and new safety measures.

Light at the end of the tunnel

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. If everything runs smoothly with the distribution of the vaccines also bigger events will be possible again. Although certainly with new rules and regulations in place events will be allowed to happen again once a substantial amount of the Populus is immunized. The first prognosis says that this could be as early as August 2021.

There is always a party…somewhere

Somewhere there is always a party. And this is also true now. In India, the first small events have already commenced and I am sure that there are more places on the globe where people are already allowed to party again.

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The danger of artist that can`t be artists anymore

The worst thing that could happen is that many professionals move to other industries. This is not only true for the Psytrance subculture. After all, artists should be able to do what they do best: Do Art. I know that already now many are struggling and come by doing other jobs. In my estimation normalization will set in soon, and 2022 events should be fully feasible again.


But now it also becomes clear that no matter what, you have to stay as flexible as possible. Many artists are using the circumstances and overcome adversity by being creative. Many artists give lessons, create samples and presets, and there have been even some artists that coded their own VST Plugin Synthesizers.

After the dark, there will come light. Ultimately, we are currently at the beginning of the end of the pandemic. This surely is something to celebrate.

Psysociety.net wishes you an amazing Christmas time 2020. Thank you for your trust, support, and love.