GMultiple Artists came out against the Label owner since the release of the controversial Album “Kether”. The Album artwork features an edited picture of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp reading “Impfen Macht Frei” instead of the original insignia “ARBEIT MACHT FREI”.The artwork since then has been banned from Facebook after getting reported by users. Since then the Artist altered the artwork to include “censored” stickers above all Holocaust and right-wing Conspiracy theory references. After massive backlash from unafraid fans and the community, Dark Whisper scrambled to get the artwork removed from the internet. This is an effort to cover up his hateful ideologies. We have since then uploaded the Artwork to our Blog for educational purposes.

Artist resigning&Distancing from Alice-D Records

Fortunately, a lot of public figures such as artists and organizers spoke out against relativization publicly. Among the first in our community to come out, was the owner of the Berlin-based organization “Hitech Clan“. A long-time Artist of Dark Whisper´s Label “Alice D” Yoshi was among the first to resign from the label, sighting differences in worldview, in musical taste, and also mentioning the latest developments regarding the release of “Kether”. Gotalian also made a public post on the platform Instagram to inform his fans that he is not affiliated with Alice D Records anymore.

Facebook post by Joshi (former Alice D Label DJ)

You can find Gotalien`s announcement on his Instagram page:

Jewish and Israeli Alice-D Records members stay silent

Under the given circumstances, one would think that especially members of the label that have Jewish roots or are Israeli, would at least comment about the incident.

We asked David Semo aka Technical Hitch for his response. He declined to comment about the incident and instead proceeded to apologize for the death of Nazi-Hands of my family. I would have rather liked to hear a strong straighten instead of evasion and distractions. After a few days he added a rather weird question that seemed to aim to relativize my families tragedy:

“Btw, how can you live in Germany after your family got murdered cause of a twist idealogy?” (by David Semo aka Technical Hitch)

I first had a hard time believing what I read is real.  It`s also wickedly bad English so I’m not even 100% certain what David means. I am not certain what he tries to say there but it seems a rather disgraceful response to a person whose family was brutally murdered by the Nazis.

To our knowledge, also Goa Gil is of Jewish heritage, but like many other people involved in the label decided to stay silent.

NGOs getting involved

To get neutral information about the matter, we contacted some NGOs to ask their opinion about the matter.  They confirmed that Holocaust relativization like this is always despicable, regardless of the intent of the artist. Furthermore, to our knowledge, multiple individuals proceeded not only to report the posts of the label about the release but also proceeded to file complaints under the new Netzdg law. An involvement of prosecutors is very likely at this point especially given the current rise of antisemitic attacks in Germany. The label proceeds to defend the “Artwork” and they currently try to use this for marketing purposes. It looks like they aim to deceive people into believing that this is art censorship. This is typical reverse victimization, which is a commonly used tactic of right-wing conspiracy theorists.

German Prosecutors are now involved

One of the NGOs we are in contact with recently confirmed that a prosecutor got wind of the incident and immediately started investigating and gathering information about what had happened. Investigations like this take time but looking at the gravity of the incident, the prosecution, in this case, is rather likely. This can be extrapolated from several other cases that are often more harmless in terms of public reach are currently being prosecuted. German Judges do not take those things lightly, especially since there is an uptick in overall antisemitic attacks and other right-wing activity in Germany.

Shankra Festival actively supporting Holocaust Relativist

Despite the effort of multiple NGOs and private activists, Shankra proceeds to book the conspiracy theorist and Holocaust Relativist Dark Whisper. They know exactly what they are doing because they were informed about the incident by several organizations. They either share the same viewpoints as Dark Hipster or they simply ignore it. Either way, this is enough to boycott the festival. If you are supporting Shankra you are actively supporting Holocaust Relativists. We suggest wholeheartedly: Vote with your feet on this one! DO NOT SUPPORT SHANKRA OR ITS AFFILIATES. Also, write them a message that you ARE NOT SUPPORTING their collaboration with hateful people or their bizarre and disgraceful ideologies. Go public, make posts about it, make Memes about it, talk with your friends. But most importantly, don`t support them with your money.

The level of hypocrisy Shankra Festival is showing here is nothing else than shocking. They pride themself in “inclusiveness” and ultimately end up supporting the ugliest of the fringe of Hate Ideologies. Thereby they are promoting those ideologies. I urge everybody to write them, and as said before: DO NOT SUPPORT PEOPLE THAT SUPPORT HATEFUL IDEOLOGIES WHILE PRETENDING TO BE INCLUSIVE. 

Shankra Festival Declined to comment about the incident. To our knowledge, they still did not take any action.

Update: Fake apologies by Dark Whisper

Dark whisper himself put out a message on his website where he writes in the third person about himself. This apology can not be taken seriously, since the artwork is still used at this very moment, just with additional “CENSORED” stickers applied to the “artwork”. It is also clear from countless released chat protocols by people, that Dark Whisper shows in truth zero regret. He keeps on defending his actions and often says that this is all a big plan by people who want to “destroy” him and spread “fake news” about him. Unfortunately for him, the facts lie on the table. There is no denial when your transgression is just a google search away for anyone to see(including German prosecutors, Police, Fans, Organizers, and YOU!) It must also be noted that this incident is counted as Antisemitism and will be treated as such. Currently, Antisemitic assaults in Germany are on the rise, which makes the whole situation even more precarious.

There is NO justification for any Holocaust relativization. And it also does not count as “artistic freedom”. Holocaust relativization is very similar to all-out Holocaust denial. I urge you to inform yourself.

Just Google: HOLOCAUST RELATIVIZATION, read about it.


Update #2 Artwork in Question is now shown on for educational purpose

First, we did not want to help those hateful ideologies top spread and we thought it is the right thing to not publish the “Art” in question. After consulting with several Anti-Hate NGOs it became clear to us that this is the wrong thing to do. We want to remind everybody that spreading the artwork for purposes of promotion or similar is potentially illegal. There are currently multiple cases in Germany and Austria, about that exact imagery. Authorities are involved at this stage in time, which also makes a prosecution likely. If you promote those kinds of images you are as legally liable as the artist. We are only exempt from those laws since we are reporting about this incident.

You can find the image here:

Dark Whisper – Kether (Holocaust Relativization)




I, myself are a Grandson of a Holocaust Survivor. if my Grandfather wouldn`t have survived the hell that was the German concentration camps, I would not exist. For that reason, this incident is extremely grave, shocking, and emotionally unnerving. I tried my best to present you with the current facts about the matter, without leaning too much into my own opinion.

Much Love,

Samuel Parandroid

Here is my reaction to the incident on YouTube: