I recently stayed for one month in Goa. This article is meant to give you an idea of the state of things down there.


Psytrance Parties

Last season was pretty brutal. Cops closed down several venues and they have been overall rather aggressive. Here are some venues that still are on:

  • Hilltop
  • Origens
  • Shivas Place
  • Kyans Place
  • Pirates
  • Curlies
  • Shiva Valley

My personal favorites are Shivas Place and Origens. A pretty cool new spot is Kyans Place next to Discovalley. It`s a decent beach shack location and I listened to some of the best music over there. They even played hitech psychedelic occasionally.  Hilltop offers rather commercial day parties that usually end at around 1 am. They present some decent psychedelic trance but they do not present any kind of heavy psychedelic tunes and nothing above 150. Goa still is in the hold of a few organizers with a mostly closed mindset. This leads to the same few DJs playing over and over. Not very progressive but I found still enough serious psychedelic music to enjoy. And after all, Goa is not only a place to party but to make new friends and connections and enjoy.




Tourism is down in comparison to the past seasons. This surely has several different reasons. Prices, however, seem to be on a steady climb. It is hard to find decent rooms below 1000 Rupee if you are on a short visit. if you plan to stay longer it is much wiser to rent a complete house for a month or two. This way you can get the best deal. prices vary heavily starting from 8000 rupees per month.



The police are very active and there are cops on the street trying to get tourists to pay constantly. Do not stop and try to not make eye contact if possible. It is very easy to bypass them in several ways. Just keep in mind: Do not stop for the Cops. They will not go after you and instead just wait for the next (dumber) tourist that will stop. They also stopped several events. However, in the end, they are interested to keep the money flowing. Parties are happening. For now.