OVNI Records

OVNI is a kick as label by well-known Producer and manager Julien aka Angry Luna. He was able to form a fantastic team of producers, artists, and DJs around him. The label has a distinct funky vibe to it and the people in it seem not only be connected through music but also through friendship. This is one thing that got lost over the past ten years it seems. Many labels became more of an interest-based thing than anything based on love and friendship. The label has many promising Artists signed such as Veteran producer Neokontrol and his Wife Rose and is constantly expanding its roaster with fresh promising talents. The label manager Julian and the OVNI crew are also well known for producing some of the funniest psytrance travel and gig videos around. Check out “The Ovni Show” on youtube or facebook!

Top Acts: Angry Luna, Popek, Neurokontrol

web: https://www.ovni-records.com/


Youtube THE OVNI Show:




Black out Records is without any doubt one of the hottest labels at the moment. It is closely working with the best Artists over the world and keeps on signing fresh talents. Kopophobia, Cosmo, Highko, and Parandroid are just a few of the top tear names the label was working with. The label manager Axel aka Psyko is known for its tight management and global networking skills and the label has one of the fairest and transparent payment schemes for its artist. A winner on so many levels.


Top artists: Kopophobia, Killatk, Parandroid

Latest Releases:

PARANDROID – The Dawn of Man


Kopophobia in Time:






Dark Prisma is one of the few untouchable labels of our beautiful psychedelic trance scene. they combine a great attitude and vision with absolutely top-notch releases and live performances. Every artist compliments the label and again the labels feel rather like a strong bond of friends than an interest-based endeavor. They are already around for more than ten years now and keep on releasing and performing stuff on another level. Explicitly psychedelic.

Latest Release: Will o Wisp – Puzzle Symphony

Legendary release: Blueprints https://darkprisma.bandcamp.com/album/v-a-blueprints

Other Top acts from Dark Prisma Records:

Glossolalia, Megalopsy, Will o Wisp

Website: http://darkprisma.com/


OSOM Music

OSOM is probably the best and longest standing Dark and Hitech Psychedelic Trance Label. The label core consists out of three legendary Russian producers. Kindzadza, Psykovsky and Furious aka Crazy Astronaut. Apart from the long active trinity of awesomeness, they signed some of the best core and experimental psychedelic acts of the recent years as for example Yaminahua and JUNX PUNX. If you are talking psychedelic, there is no way around this glorious conglomerate of killer psy sounds.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/osommusic/

bandcamp: https://osom-music.bandcamp.com/

Top Artists: Kindzadza, Furious aka Crazy Astronaut, Psykovsky,



Noise Poison. Did you read correctly? Yes, you did. It seems that the label is reforming under new management. Noise Poison managed what very few labels achieved. They helped to create the new psychedelic music branch that is known today as “Hightech Psychedelic Trance” or simply “hitech”. Every Artist signed in that label caused some serious ripples in the psychedelic music world. The annually held Noise Poison Festival still is thought of the pinnacle of a hitech psychedelic music experiences. It featured the creme de la creme of the subgenre on a surreal sized Line array Funktion 1 System. They also had a 15-meter wide pool behind the stage that was specially made for 3-dimensional visuals. They used high powered pumps to spray water dust into the air. This was used as a canvas for countless projectors and lasers. Losing Noise Poison Records and Noise Poison Festival was a huge loss for the scene.

Top Artists:

Cosmo, Paralocks, Arcek, Parandroid, Highko

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NoisePoiso/


Kamino Records

Kamino Records is a household name in the hi-tech psytrance world for many years. The Kader is full of top-notch artist that are mainly focused on the high bpm area around 200Bpm or more. The Label has signed numerous worldwide active artists and keeps on pushing the boundaries of fast trance music.

Top Artists from Kamino: Gotalien, Kashyyyk, Mimic Vat, Arcek.)


Freak Records

This Swiss-based label is around for several years now and continuously presents some of the best VA and Album releases. Freak HQ also sports an amazing studio with an absurd amount of synthesizers and studio equipment. They also organize dark and hitech parties in Switzerland such as for example the well-known event “TRIP TO DARKNESS” that they did with ZORA events. The next big release of the label is the highly anticipated OXIDAKSI Album.


Top Artists:

Oxidaksi, Brainblaster, Alien Chaos

web: https://www.freakrecords.ch/

bandcamp: https://freakrecords.bandcamp.com/


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