parvati recordsParvati Records

Parvati Records made the evolution from small underground label to worldwide player. Their simplistic mesmerizing style is marked by organic layers and textures complimented by deep phat repetitive yet funky basslines. It may be one of the more simple brands of Dark Psychedelic Music but it works. Giuseppe and the Parvati Artist are regarded as Masters of their crafts and they have proven greatness on huge festivals like Boom and Universo Paralello countless times. The roaster is continually changing and growing featuring a selection of evergreens like Onkel Dunkel amongst an always growing selection of fresh upcoming talents.



OSOM MUSICOSOM music hosts three of the most important psychedelic trance music artists of the past 20 years: Psykovsky, Kindzadza and Furious aka Crazy Astronaut. They are regarded as Legends among their fans for a reason. They steadily pushed the envelope of Psytrance. They somewhat defined what Psychedelic Trance Music is today. They influenced countless psytrance projects and are generally regarded as genetically modified aliens amongst other producers. All three acts stand as artistic statements by themselves. Together they build what I call “The Trinity of Awesome”. Untouchable music.

Nano Records



One of the longest standing labels in the scene. Their special psychedelic trance blend consists out of clean 145 Bpm basslines overlayed with melodies and organic structures. The NANO Records roaster hosts some of the psytrance scenes biggest names such as DICKSTER, KILLERWATTS, LAUGHING BUDDHA, and Tristan.




Here their own description of the label:

NANO Records was formulated on the sunny dance floors of South Africa’s amazing outdoor party scene in 2000, when three DJ’s and friends decided the time was right to start delivering the vibe they were experiencing to the rest of the world. Immediately setting up bases in South Africa and the UK meant UK talent joined with South African and NANO’s Anglo-African trance attack leaped off on firm footing.

NANO is now one of the most respected and loved Psy Trance labels with some of the most popular artists on the global circuit representing artists from all over the planet. Nano is constantly ahead of the pack with new sounds and quality psy-trance.

Now solely owned by DJ Regan who manages the label along with DJ Dala, plus incorporating NANO Bookings, which manages all the bookings of all NANO artists alongside other headlining acts too, NANO Records is at the top of the game and forever keeping it Psychedelic!

Black Out Records

Killatk from BLACK OUT RECORDSBlackout Records represents a new breed of Psytrance Music. While not being exclusively only for fast Bpm Lovers, it has a strong focus of avantgardistic Hitech that varies in style but is always edgy. The leading Musical heads in this Label are Kopophobia, Killatk, and Parandroid while also featuring some less known up and coming talents. The label manager is Axel aka DJ Psycko which is well known not only for the tight management of his Label but also for organizing Parties and working as a booking agent for various big Festivals in Germany. The label is steadily growing its roaster with fresh talents from all over the world and is in our opinion one of the freshest Labels with a high tech focus around.


IONO Records

Iono musicIono Records is well known for its style and widespread influence in the psytrance music business. Whether you like it or not, IONO Music is a serious contender when it comes to the sheer size of crowds their artist draw. It is also one of the only Psytrance labels that makes revenue through music sales that are worthy to speak of.

Here an excerpt of what they say about themselves:

In the last decade, Berlin became a magnetic force of culture. With an enormous appeal to artists from all areas of expertise including music, design, architecture, theatre, dance and everything that helps the evolution of imagination and creativity. This is why it should come to no surprise that it is the birthplace of both Iono Music and its founder – Matthias Sperlich.

Like many other labels, Iono Music was born in order to give its founder, Cubixx aka Matthias Sperlich, the freedom he needed to release his first creation as Koaxkaos – “Evolutyon”. After he met Murus in 2003 at a Psytrance festival, they started working together for several years, and so Iono Music was established in 2005. Unlike many other labels, which are affected by fashion, hype and commercial factors, Iono Music has been motivated by the radiation that the music transmits and the way the body reacts to it. If the music changes the molecules and atoms into ion then it means it has been ionized*. The Ionization process can only be fully successful if your music is high-quality Electronic music. Iono Music’s main emphasis is on Progressive Psytrance and yet any Electronic style is accepted as long as it stands out of the others – after all, it has to reach the top atmosphere to be an Iono…


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