Noise Poison

Noise Poison Records has re-opened its doors in 2019 and has just recently signed a bunch of new and all-time favorite favorites. Amongst the new label members are Sonic System, Parandroid, Deshi, and Nyotech among others. They have an awesome new webspace. Go check it out now.


OVNI Records based in France is led by Industry Leading producer and Label Head Julien aka Angry Luna. The label hosts an impressive number of artists all around the world and stands out by producing insane music videos and other unique content. Their music is distinctly different in a scape of sameyness and they have an extremely friendly and freaked out attitude on and behind stage They manage to offer a breeze of fresh air in an often stale scene.


Kamino definitely is a respectable label that only grew in size and fan recognition over the years sporting a superb lineup of international artists, producers, and DJs.

Blackout Records

Blackout Records from Germany is led by industry veteran Axel Schulz. Axel is known for many years as an organizer, promoter, booker, and label head. It is one of the most tightly organized Hitech Trance labels on the planet and hosts some of the heavy hitters of the scene. Over the years they amassed a respectable catalog of Psychedelic Hitech Trance from all corners of the globe.

Multidimensional Music

Multidimensional is one of the youngest labels on the list. Managed by producer Arcek from Guadalajara in Mexico it rose to fame very quickly. They managed to release a ton of music since their inception that offers some of the best known as well as some fresh talents.