Psysociety`s Top Ten Darkpsy and Forest Picks 2020

2020 had a lot to offer – at least when it comes to Forest and Dark Psytrance releases ;). Here are our top 10 picks for 2020

Fractal Nebula presents Cosmic Apotheosis, compiled by Jairam,
an activation device designed to merge you into Oneness.

10 powerful tracks crafted by a few of the most enlightened Psychedelic trance composers of our day, designed to bring you closer to that fragile and mighty moment where existence is shattered and regenerated.

01 Weejoonz – Squacking 152
02 Mind Oscillation – Psychedelic Experience 152
03 Noema – Metallic Sequence 155
04 Silent Horror – Caveman 154
05 Sator Arepo – Cosmic Trigger 155
06 Noise Gust – Electric Tribe 156
07 Kasatka – Rapid eye Movement 162
08 Orestis, Noise Gust, Dementia – Guadelupe 165
09 Phagos Sonus – Cosmic Apotheosis 160
10 Tromo, Anubian, Metaphyz – Inspeedation 158

Cosmic Apotheosis comes in this age as the merging of the soul with technology and the environment to bring mankind closer to a divine plane. Chaos converges into Cosmos, in an infinite process bringing complexity into its manifold dimensions.

The evolution of the self comes through a digitalization process where our souls become assimilated into Oneness by a centrifugal spiral force driving us into novelty and divinity. Technology innovates music, music innovates the soul, and together they participate in a higher order feeding the Universe.

This carefully curated compilation is an activation device to accelerate your Cosmis Apotheosis, your merging with the divine.

Peace among worlds

Cover: Fractal Metatron
Mastering: Sonik Scizzor at Sonik Scizzor Studios
Compiled by: Jairam
Produced by : Abralabim 

released June 26, 2020

Shiibashunsuke – Expand and Contract

Expand and Contract is the first full-length solo album by our very own Japanese resident – Shiibashunsuke.

The music is full of atmospheric samples, strong basslines, and trippy leads which bring the listener to the deep dark forest jungle.

Each track of the album has its own unique psychedelic story inside, with a taste of classy Japanese school night time psytrance, provided with a fresh view and new ideas. We truly wish you to like this music as we do!

All tracks were written and produced by Shunsuke Shiiba.
Mastered by Petran.
Cover artwork by Zorro.

Faithfully yours,
Insomnia Records.

VA BadingDastic

Alongside us getting 1000 likes on Wachuma Records we decided
to show some gratitude.
We have decided to release this massive compilation with various artists ranging between 150 – 200 bpm.
This is like a BIG thank you to every artist who supports us and to all listeners around the world who are buying, sharing, and showing appreciation of what we are trying to do.

And of course a huge thanks to you to all the artists that make this BOMB possible and FREE!

This compilation is selected by Dj Starvin Marvin & Alienautopsy.
If you feel like to know who they are, go and have a look at their pages!

VA – NeoPagan’s Kindred Spirit

Neopaganism attempts to blend original tribal faith, practices, and belief system from the past with new age beliefs while consciously striving to eliminate most of the traditional western mono and dualism. In line with the vision of this music release, a few individuals hailing from different parts of planet earth and claiming to be neopagans are now coming together to share their learning, beliefs, and knowledge and express them through their audio and musical language. Each of the neopagans will express themselves in their own special way through dark and/ or psychedelic music and will take the listeners through a journey of emotions, feelings, and realizations.


released August 9, 2020

Mastering by: Haemogoblin
Artwork by: Disha Hazarika & Ursula Art
Compiled with love by: Ketan

VA Ancient Wisdom Vol.2

Katayy Records is proud to present its latest release
Ancient Wisdom Vol.2

Following the successful Ancient Wisdom Vol.1 compiled & selected carefully by SkyVibes & Arishtat, our Persian label djs & crew members of Katayy Family teamed up once again to showcasing Katayy Festivals night time sounds ´Psytrance at it’s most powerful and yet subtle varieties: Deep, Dark, Atmospheric & Groovy Psychedelic, ranging between Forest & Darkpsy (150-175 bpm)

Octaplex – ‘Yun Tology’ (EP)

Octaplex is the brainchild of Japanese underground mastermind producers Noise Gust and Maleficium. The high quality and crystal clear experimental sounds from Octaplex will serve your auditory senses right.

Octaplex is finally ready to share their debut EP – ‘Yun Tology’ with the world. ‘Yun Tolo’ is a planet mentioned in the legends of the Dogon people of Africa. The advanced life form on ‘Yun Tolo’ known as Nummo has said to teach the ancient Dogon people to civilize. As the origins and whereabouts of ‘Yun Tolo’ remain to be a mystery, Octaplex attempts to unravel the mystery through this psychedelic EP release.


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Digitalist and Friends – Ethereal Composition

After many years of work, the new Digitalist & Friends album is here.

From eternal spaces, the frequencies come to annihilate matter fetters on our Planet. Straight outa neverland dimension to union us into the void infinity depth of the Universe.

Unravel the Mysteries of 12 Tracks where dreams come out from the darkness in a realm of album weaves layered stories that span wide stretches of time and space into eternal compositions.


Transcend the illusions of body and mind, and the separation perpetuated by these illusions. In this dimension, we re-discover the nature of Love for the One Spirit, of which we are all apart.

A massive journey through new worlds, explore the sparkling union of neverland dimensions.

Album Smart Link Gates:

If you love the music and want to support it, feel free to order a limited edition factory replication digipack compact disc / the 24 Bit’s digital release and being a part of the ground-shaking ethereal journey.



released December 20, 2020

Artwork by Ahankara
Catalog №: ADMCD011
Mastering: Tim Schuldt@4CN-Studios

Formats: Limited Edition 3 pages Replication Digipack CD’s
24 Bit’s Digital Download with two Bonus tracks
Release produced by Ablepsy
Managed by Ablepsy & Netz

V.A. – Time Deconstruction

Is time a monster? Is time a disaster?
Time could be a friend; the eternal now or mere flashes of moments.
A limitless flow, a way to explain change or existence.
Music is our spaceship for exploring time.
Through this exploration you can focus on any single moment,
keeping it going over the borders of time. Then you open up to the experience of TIME DECONSTRUCTION.


released May 21, 2020

Compiled by: Ordo Ab Chao
Mastered by: Petran
Designed by:
Produced by: Sonic Loom Music 2020

Digital Force 2.0

Five years after the remarkable release of the prologue, the narrative continues within „Digital Force 2.0“. We find ourselves in an even more disconcerting version of our future, wistfully blinking back to the „good old days“ and facing a world, harsher and wilder than we imagined in our most dystopian dreams.
Artificial Intelligence has taken over and the machines are superior to mankind, culture & arts are at an all-time low and considered unnecessary.
Yet some brave digital activists gather in the underground, waving the flags of an artistic revolution and dancing like it would be their last dance, to the sonic waves blasting out of the systems.

In Deviant Force`s latest release, well-known heavyweights of the scene go hand in hand with rising talents in order to deliver the right soundtrack to that scenario. A journey through diverse interpretations of the nighttime genre, from apocalyptic stompers, through schizophrenic mind benders straight up to cutting edge DJ weapons.
A thoughtfully curated 13 track collection with a strong dance floor focus, selected by one of the label founders himself, Mutaro

Intense Conditions

„Intense Conditions“- the long-awaited debut album of the notorious duo ChromArepo (Chromatec & Sator Arepo) is the next release on the Deviant Force imprint – and a truly remarkable one. The two guys spent countless hours in the studio in order to provide an outstanding experience of richness and diversity in style and sound design, with a clearly audible focus on quality and production. The experience and signature sound of both their solo projects smoothly blend in this album, yet these tracks mark the beginning of a new style and level of complexity compared to their previous works.
From obscure and deep digging stompers up to high energetic blasters – the Album is a rollercoaster of intense emotions. Relentless drum works arranged sophisticatedly with futuristic lead patterns, driven by thunder-like punching kicks&basses, all subtly shrouded by mind-altering waves and sound textures. 10 sonic weapons ready to shake dancefloors worldwide, a must-have for every lover of experimental and intelligent music.