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When we started we didn`t have much more than a vision. What if, we could through our combined effort, take the step to give people the power to write about the culture we love. Since then, a lot has happened. New people came to the team and helped develop the vision into what IT is today. We made a big decision. Let me explain:

We aren`t the only website about subcultural phenomena. Without mentioning names, there are several successful publications out there. But what is their goal? and more importantly: How does their business model work.



One long-standing publication that existed as a print magazine and just recently swapped to an online-only presence worked like this:

Anybody had the possibility to publish if he or she pays money for it. And as far as I know, this business philosophy didn`t change during the swap to an online-only presence.

This kind of pseudo-journalism is in many cases neither helpful to organically development of a music culture nor fair. Basically, only people with money had the possibility to get published. Psysociety aims to change that dynamic by bringing you in.

Psysociety – The first open-source subculture online magazine in the world

So how can you get involved? It is very simple: make an account on Psysociety. Then create your first piece of content and request a review by sending the content to Our team will review your content and if it adheres to our standards your profile will get upgraded to an editor profile. Once this process is done you can create and publish on Easy!



Communication is everything – Whrikk and DJ Jairam – Photo by Samuel Zimmermann


From our launch on, we had the luck of wide attention and traffic into our new project. In the first month alone we had 20 000 unique visitors on our webpage. In the writing business, there is one rule you can usually confidently stick to: Good content gets noticed and creates high-quality traffic. A lot of great projects never had the possibility to present themselves to this international kind of crowd. We would be happy if we could help great ideas to spread around the globe and give artistic talents the attention that they deserve. Now you can change this!

A new approach: Crowdfunding through

Today’s technology landscape offers new ways to monetize projects like Psysociety. You can now contribute to our cause by visiting . Your 1$ (or however much you decide to contribute) really can make a difference. 1$ is less than a coffee. Think about that.



Neil Gibbson Artwork

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