Yatzee and Parandroid do not need any further introductions.They are both two long standing Artist that rocked Dancefloors on all 5 Continents.


They teamed up for this amazing Single release that was originally created in 2013.For four long years people could only listen to that track either on Events where one of the two was playing(except for some bootleged and ripped Versions that ppl downloaded from Social Media like Soundcloud)

The waiting is over and the track is finally released.The track is available through parandroids webpage www.Parandroid.net and will eventually see an release on other Plattforms such as Bandcamp or Itunes.

Click HERE to get to the track:

Yatzee and Parandroid – ACID CRUNCH (200Bpm)


ATMAN Festival Canceled/Rescheduled to 2023

Unfortunately Atman Festival recently made the following announcement: Hello Atman Family,we hope to find you all well and full power. We have been spending time on the island and have been closely following the evolution of the pandemic in this southern part of the...

WHISPERGATE: Public outrage about Dark Whisper`s Holocaust Relativization

GMultiple Artists came out against the Label owner since the release of the controversial Album "Kether". The Album artwork features an edited picture of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp reading "Impfen Macht Frei" instead of the original insignia "ARBEIT MACHT...

Reaction: Whispergate

Reaction to Dark Whisper`s - Kether (Holocaust Relativization) Why Holocaust Relativization is Bad (I should not have to explain This is personal though. My Grandfather Rainer Küchenmeister was a Concentration Camp survivor. His father Walter was not as lucky....

Groark Interview

A fresh talent from Brazil
Neurotrancers`s Artist Showcase welcomes the actor Groark for the first edition. The Project is made by the 27 year old Leo from Recife, Brazil. I got in touch with it in 2018, when i discovered his track „Excitonio“, released on „Take it easy, but take it“ on Another Dimension Music. I was so surprised to see that this young Act already released tons of music on well-known labels like Visionary Shamanics,Voodoo Hoodoo Records, which offers several hours of Audio-Pleasure. Instantly his music became one of my favourite ear-candy for my third-eye adventures and this still hasn´t changed