Yatzee and Parandroid do not need any further introductions.They are both two long standing Artist that rocked Dancefloors on all 5 Continents.


They teamed up for this amazing Single release that was originally created in 2013.For four long years people could only listen to that track either on Events where one of the two was playing(except for some bootleged and ripped Versions that ppl downloaded from Social Media like Soundcloud)

The waiting is over and the track is finally released.The track is available through parandroids webpage www.Parandroid.net and will eventually see an release on other Plattforms such as Bandcamp or Itunes.

Click HERE to get to the track:

Yatzee and Parandroid – ACID CRUNCH (200Bpm)


A Psychedelic Renaissance

Parandroid reacts to BOOM FESTIVAL 2006 – The movie

Boom 2006 was probably one of the most important experiences of my life. But this was not only like that for me. Many in the Psytrance community herald this special Boom edition as the pinnacle of Psychedelic Trance Culture. Recently I went back into my own history and watched the surprisingly little-watched official Boom Festival 2006 movie.

Psysociety 2.0 – The next level

Psysocety is a association founded by Samuel Zimmermann that strives to preserve, evolve and document contemporary Psychedelic Culture.

News: NARXZ was just signed by NOISE POISON RECORDS – and there is more to come…

Noise Poison signed 13 Artists since it has reopened Narxz is one of many promising Artists signed by the Hitech Trance Label managed by Peter Kubala (Cosmo) and Samuel Zimmermann (Parandroid). Among the new artists are also several very well-known projects such as...