Cryptic Symmetry Records new EP release


Cryptic Symmetry is an amazing hightech label from South Aftrica led by Seth aka Fright Rate.Fright Rate is a household name in the Hightech Psychedelic trance world and we are more then happy to present his new EP exclusively released on Cryptic Symmetry Records SA

.Here are the release notes :

Cryptic Symmetry is happy to present its first digital E.P. “Turbo Music”
by label founder Fright Rate.

“Turbo Music” consists of 3 tracks and it displays a wide bpm range while still maintaining a constant flowing unique style. Continuing on his melodic glitched approach on highly technical psy trance, it creates a futuristic journey through high paced bass lines, clean leads, spacey effects and euphoric melodies.


The EP is exclusively available through Bandcamp: