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Why we are different

We aren`t the only website about subcultural phenomena. Without mentioning names, there are several successful publications out there. But what is their goal? and more importantly: How does their business model work. One long-standing publication that existed as a print magazine and just recently swapped to an online-only presence worked like this: Anybody had the possibility to publish IF he or she pays money for it. And as far as I know, this business philosophy didn`t change during the swap to an online-only presence.

 This kind of pseudo-journalism is in many cases neither helpful to the organic development of a music culture nor fair. Basically, only people with money had the possibility to get published. Psysociety aims to change that dynamic by bringing you in.


Psysociety – The first open-source subculture online magazine in the world


So how can you get involved? It is very simple: make an account on Psysociety. Then create your first piece of content and request a review by sending the content to info@psysociety.net.

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Our team will review your content and if it adheres to our standards your profile will get upgraded to an editor profile. Once this process is done you can create and publish it on psysociety.net. Easy!


The next step

We are now a group of people that seeks to fill in the cultural void that currently exists in our psychedelic sub-culture. We want to go out there and show you the beauty of this culture.

modem festival psytrance party croatia psychedelictrance summer forest Apart from our journalistic endeavors, we plan to make a full-blown cross-media production including Films&dDocumentraies, podcasts, Radio Shows and Livestream, Events, and more.


How you can be a part

If there is any one thing that I learned over the past ten years of traveling and realizing different projects ranging from Media Productions to events and workshops it is this: You can only move something in this world if you form a community. Whatever your vision may be, without the right people surrounding you, the plan is likely to fail. This project is from the community, for the community, and therefore we are relying on your support.

We are currently preparing an amazing Patreon for our supporters. This is a way of getting in touch with the Psysociety crew.

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Thank you from the depth of my heart,

Samuel, CEO of the Psysociety Media Group



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