Psysociety Project

Psychedelics are more than just a mere drug. They are tools for mind expansion and personal human evolution. They can be effectively used to re-program people, or even better, let them explore ways of reprogramming themselves. The psychedelic experience is one of the key drivers of culture. Even today we can still feel the cultural ripples that the psychedelic revolution of the 1960s and 70s created. For about 50 years though, even Psychedelic Research was prohibited, which led to humanity being decades behind in its evolution. Psychedelics are of the utmost importance when it comes to creating mass awareness on this planet. We live in critical times, where we as humans only have one last chance to act. To make a long story short: Psychedelics and hence Psychedelic Culture is important. And not just “a bit”. More like “survival of the humankind important”. But it needs to nurtured and preserved. This is where we come in.

What we do

We go directly where the pulse of the psychedelic culture pumps and engage with the people that create it. Almost all subcultures are journalistically covered, there are documentaries, movies, books, and more. A lot of the Psychedelic Culture, unfortunately, lacks this kind of exposure and documentation. But instead of complaining, we decided to be the change that we want to see and provide this service to the community.
Instead of focusing on profit and commercialism, we go a different route: Crowdfunding
Psyociety will be funded by you! This creates the right atmosphere of freedom to showcase this culture with integrity.

Why we need your support

Culture can only bloom when it gets exposure. We see it as our mission to find the projects, people, and creators behind the Psychedelic culture. We plan to this on multiple fronts.
​Of course, this vision requires funding. Here is a list of things that we will use the money for: – Open Source Online Publication
Our website is the core of our operations and the place where all threads meet. One part of the funding will go into more interesting content on Psysociety. We want to interview, engage, and document the people behind the culture as well as further educate the public through meaningful articles. This is also a much-needed way of creating a merit-based journalistic environment, in which artists, Creators, and Communities get coverage that deserves it and not the ones that are able to pay for it.

Psysociety Action Teams
Small media teams get dispatched to visit the Creators and Musicians and engage with them. Action Teams are comprised of 2-4 people equipped with Video Equipment. They are project-based teams that work on a variety of things such as psychedelic or environmental activism, media creation, and more.

Psysociety Documentaries
Culture needs documentation. Psysociety is currently working on its first fully-fledged Documentary Movie about the Psychedelic Sub-Culture. This is one of the many projects that need funding. Documentaries can be relatively expensive to make. Research and Planning, Pre-Production, Production, and Post Production obviously all cost money. This is a long-term project and ultimately can only be realized once sufficient funding is accumulated.
​While we work to constantly deliver content with you, we believe that those bigger-scale projects are ultimately very important for the Psychedelic Culture. Of course even with our team full of outstanding creatives, projects like these obviously still need funding.

Psysociety Foundation – Environmental and Psychedelic Activism
Psychedelics and Environmental Activism naturally go hand in hand. The Psysociety Action Teams can also be deployed for Crisis Support and Environmental Activism. With the help and funding the Action Teams are able to intervene and actively support communities in crisis or need.

More projects are being developed behind the scenes and will be deployed once they are ready to see the light of day. As a supporter of Psysociety, you will have the unique opportunity to be a part of the growth of the collective.

Be a Part of Our Journey

The best thing is: Everybody can be a part of Psysociety. We already collaborate with a wide range of creators and activists from different fields and are an ever-expanding project.
If you feel you can contribute to the Psysociety Project in any meaningful way we are there for you with an open ear.
However, an NPO like Psysociety is dependent on your support. Without funding, it will be hard to fulfill our important mission. As a Psysociety Supporter, you get access to special behind the scene footage, exclusive Live Streams, Merchandise, and more. All while supporting a good cause.
We want the project to be as open and transparent as possible. There is no paywall for being a part of Psysociety. Everybody can make an account on our Platform and contact us for collaboration. We see our Patrons as part of the extended Psysociety Family. You can directly take part in our projects and get an insightful view behind the scenes of a globally networked media operation.

​Furthermore, we have an open ear for anyone with great ideas for content. The key is to create something amazing together and thereby, elevate the whole psychedelic culture to a new level.
The mission is to rejuvenate the Psychedelic Culture and bring it to the 21st century by using contemporary appropriate media formats to document and showcase the whole spectrum of the psychedelic culture.

How we use the money we collect on Patreon

All the fund generated is getting reinvested into the project as well as to cover the hosting costs. If you donate to Psysociety, you effectively donate to the Psychedelic Culture. We are a Non-Profit Organisation. Our mission is not grounded in commercialism, but in cultural preservation, documentation and support. Creatives need exposure regardless of where they come from or how much money they have. Every creative soul that devotes his life to the creation of culture and manages to create a meaningful cultural product deserves to be showcased to the public.

Become a Psysociety Patreon

Patrons get exclusive access to behind-the-scenes footage, early releases, exclusive releases, and even physical goods such as T-Shirts, Hoodies Stickers, and more. This money helps us creating more interesting content for you while staying independent of commercialism and other interests. Psysociety is from the people – for the people!