Since NPR opened up its doors last year, a lot has happened over at Noise Poison HQ. The label opened up a Patreon Account for its supporters, there is the NPR Webspace and We-Shop, Bandcamp, and now finally a Soundcloud Page as well.

Upcoming Projects

The label focuses on expanding the label slowly while also offering Releases from its artists. There are several releases lined up. First of all, COSMO has currently 38 unreleased tracks. NPR started to put them on their Bandcamp page. This alone is a lot of music that has to be released in one shape or another. Furthermore, there is the Briskerz Album coming up on Noise Poison. Yuri (Yatzee), Giovanni (Brainstalker), and Daniele (Sonic System) are in the process of finishing the last tracks for the collaborative studio album that is scheduled for release this holiday. Parandroid, is currently working on his EP titled “NEURALINK”. And COSMO is working on a new album for 2021. So there is a lot to follow.

Here an overview of what is up and coming in terms of releases:

The NPR SoundCloud:

And here is a Link to their Bandcamp:

NPR Webspace:
NPR Patreon: