Noise Poison signed 13 Artists since it has reopened

Narxz is one of many promising Artists signed by the Hitech Trance Label managed by Peter Kubala (Cosmo) and Samuel Zimmermann (Parandroid). Among the new artists are also several very well-known projects such as Yatzee and Sonic System from Italia as well as the maverick DJ DOCTRA from Japan. Fans of the label can look forward to a strong 2021 with several Albums confirmed for release. Alien Chaos from Brazil is currently finishing his Debut release for the Label. The artwork for the Album is currently in production and is done by french Graphic artist Nico Psyart. Also in the works, is an Artwork for the new Album by Briskerz, which also will be released on NPR.


Narxz is the Hitech Psychedelic Trance project of Nico Lüthi 

Non – Binary Elements and Smashing Basslines is the Keyword for Narxz , as he always tries to Create a Futuristic and Cyber style Soundscape. With Abstract and Powerful Melodies and Harmonies he will bring you in a Higher State of Mind and Bliss. The Future is Now and Narxz will Bring you the Music of the Future.

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