10 Pictures from MODEM Festival

MODEM is a Gem of a festival, and this is pretty much common sense in the scene by now. A top-notch organization meets the best artists in one of Europe`s most enchanting locations located in the deep beautiful forests Croatia. Today, we present you some of the work of the outstanding Phot and Videographer Felipe Silva. Felipe Silva is one of the best event photographers I saw during the past 10 years of traveling around the world.

One of Modems strong points is that it is beautiful by night and day. Some festival decorations tend to look plastic and trashy during the day while appearing decent at night. Modem showed how to realize a next-generation Psychedelic stage that shines around the clock. The design that combines high-technology with naturalistic wooden stage design is the best combination of aforementioned things I ever witnessed in my life. It is truly a marvelous sight. While being smaller than other major festivals in Europe such as Boom Festival or Ozora the Modem stage is in my opinion designed in a superior way. State of the art is what I say.

Modem Dancefloor frontal view

What looks like a portal do another dimension is actually a stage. While this shot is taken during the day, the real action begins during the night, when world-class VJs such as TAS from Germany illuminate the forest with awesome mappings.

Modem Festival DF by Night

The nights on Modem are some of the most psychedelic Audio-Visual experiences. High powered projectors set the stage on fire at night. The mapping is simply outstanding will transport you into a new dimension.

Lake at Modem

All this is happening in one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. Next, to the Forest, you will find a lake to refresh and relax.

Modem at night
psychedelic deep in the forest

THE ONLY GOOD SYSTEM – IS A SOUND SYSTEM 😉 – Modem is Powered by Funktion 1 sound systems

The sound system is set up as a line array and delivers super clean sound. I think I don`t have to explain to you the brand since this is probably the most known PA speaker brand on the planet.

modem festival pictures
Spaceship MODEM
modem festival pictures
MODEM Dancefloor View by day

After the night turned into the day the whole vibe changes to a more relaxed atmosphere. The nights are a real rollercoaster ride that will blow your senses to space while the days offer ample opportunities to recover and digest the psychedelic journeys through your inner self of the nights.

modem festival pictures
A psychedelic playground in paradise

Modem is more than just a place to dance. There is a lot to see and experience on the festival grounds. Land art enhances the forest while integrating nicely with the nature that mother earth provided.

modem festival pictures

This is the man behind the photos. Felipe Silva is not only a great photographer. he is also a super lovable human that always carrys a smile on his lips. During my career as a music producer, I met him during several occasions on gigs in brazil where he shot photos of my performances. Felipe is in Europe for work often and you can contact him to book him for your project or event. If you want to work with one of the best, do not look any further.

Social media and web contact of Felipe Silva:

Web: https://triphotos.net/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lipstriphotos

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/triphotosdigital/