We have awesome news for all high-tech lovers. Noise Poison is active again!


Noise Poison always stood for unique high-quality futuristic trance music. They are one of the major contributors to the subgenre high tech psytrance and pushed boundaries with their next level festival “Noise Poison Festival”.

Much to the demise of its fans, the label stopped being active around 2014. But now they are back with a bang. New management and huge new ideas help to shape the label into something far greater than it ever was.

They announced many awesome things, among them they teased a new Release schedule and they are onto something big with their “Noise Poison Forum” page. 

Noise Poison Forum will be the first High Tech Trance focused Forum worldwide. The Forum is already up and running as a beta and you can join the dialog and discussion there already. We talked with the responsible behind the web presence and the plan is to migrate the Forum onto a new more professional Forum system. Noise Poison offers something completely new and exciting to the fans of Hitech Trance worldwide.


This is the domain of the Beta NPR Forum:

New Artists, New releases and a new VA


The first new Artist had already been signed into Noise Poison. They announced that Miguel Angelo aka MAD SCIENTIST is now officially representing Noise Poison Records. A new Va is already in the making as well that will feature Cosmo, Apollyon, Parandroid, Smokey Quartz, Mad Scientist and more. They teased the announcements of the first releases for tonight:


We are happy that NPR is back and can`t wait to hear more about their future plans.

Check out the new website from Noise Poison Records:


They also have a Patreon Page now so you can support the label directly now if you like: