“We offer a legal way of getting high on Cannabis”

The Zug based backery “Zuger Confiserie Speck” just released two new products containing CBD hemp.


They changed the recepies for two of their products recently by adding CBD hemp buds to the list of ingredients. The two products that got the special ingredients are the “Schoggi Speckli” and the “Longbread”( a british backery speciality).

So if you are from Zug or you are lucky enough to pass by


The chief of sales of the company had the idea during a “innovations meeting”. From the idea to the finished product it took less then two months. The company calls the products “Livestyle products” and is happy to provide this way of consuming cannabis products legally.


A clear sign for public acceptance of hemp products


This isn`t just great because we once again get high on some nice CBD cookies in switzerland. The true greatness of this incedent is that it shows yet again how publicly accepted marihuana products are nowadays. Every child nowaday knows that alcohol is at least equal as dangerous as weed. This backery , the backery Speck , from switzerland , is a traditional backery and company. And that is what is so remarkable for me about this.




One Baguette , two croissants and 5 Weed Cookies please!

This speaks a clear language. In switzerland even your grandmother can get her legal high during her hen party with friends. Business people , family fathers , conservatives or hippy. Everybody can get now exposed to weed in this totally harmless manner.

Dosage – the cannabis inside isn`t meant as a gimick

The company says that there is 13mg CBD inside each of their “Schoggi Speckli” biscuits. The company claims that this is aproximately a middle strong dase for a 50kg person. So if you eat them they actually work. So it`s neither a marketing hoax. No , it is actually to get high. The CEO says he actually tested them on his wife wich is below 50kg. After eating a “Schoggi Speckli” on an empty stomach she was “very, very relaxed” .


fair pricing

To my surprise the prices are as down to earth as the company who produces them. 3,90 CHF for a “Schoggi Speckli” and or a full box of “Shortbread” for 18CHF. That is quite fair indeed i musst say. Buying the ingredients for the dough is of course much more expensive when mary jane comes into the equasion.