Kamino is cooking a new VA and there is still 1 spot left that could be yours!

The winner will get:

To release in the new Kamino VA (what else you want!?)
1 Kamino t-shirt
A collection of all kamino releases CD’s and Digital.
100 eur.


Most send before 20 of nov. (december is the release)
Bpm between 198 and 250
Mp3 at 320 kbps via wetransfer to universusaum@gmail.com.
Not mastered tracks.
Track should not be in any streaming page it most be unheard, unshared, unreleased and unexistent until release.

We wont reply or give any feedback to songs and we will just announce the winner when is the right time.

*This contest is only for artists that have never released before in Kamino*

All the best from Kamino Records!