LSD is more than just a drug. It is one of the most powerful tools in learning how the human mind works and it has tremendous potential for healing. When I was a young man a psychedelic experience eventually led to my life today. I think if I would not have had those experience I would live a very different life. And certainly not a better one.

Psytrance and LSD

After a complicated childhood with very little stability, I was a rather aimless young boy of maybe 16 when I started to go to psytrance events and festivals. At first, it was pure escapism. After at first visiting local events I started to travel to festivals all over Europe at a very young age. At about 18 I was well sophisticated. I took a lot of drugs, did not care much about my future or my school. I started to make more and more international connections. Psytrance became my Religion. Every day, I sat down in front of my Sony speakers listening to GMS and south African twilight Psytrance while the weekends were reserved for either local Parties during the Winter, and Festivals during the spring and summer.

Money, became less of a problem, despite the fact that I lived with my mother and we didn’t have a lot of money. One close friend called Daniel and I were intelligent young men, and we found ways in the Psytrance scene to make more money than we can spend very fast. Despite the fact that we have been only 18 years old we were a terribly sophisticated bunch when it came to making money. I had the connections and my friend had the cash. In many cases, we were a very potent combination. This made our lives pretty easy in comparison to what we were used to from our childhoods.


2006 – the pinnacle of my psychedelic experience

Psytrance and LSD was really a form of therapy for me. It was really what led me “on the right path”. The best I can describe what happened is “realization”. It is the moment in your life when you realize your fate. I guess this moment can come to you in various ways, but in my case, it came through years of dancing on LSD. 2006 was an amazing Festival summer. The area where I lived had a vivid psychedelic trance scene so there have been parties weekly. Those events ranged from club events in Munich to Underground Parties on farms outside the city. As I said, psytrance was slowly becoming my religion, and the parties have been my church.


I didn`t plan for the boom. The boom instead came to me. My friend Daniel came to me only 3 days before we started our journey to Portugal and told me that he booked my boom tickets and travel. I was blown away and couldn`t believe my luck. My childhood playground was calling me home. Only a few days later I arrived at the Boom festival and my mind was blown. I visited a lot of Festivals before I saw the boom for the first time in my life, but nothing prepared me for what I would experience in the upcoming weeks. The energy of this place was dense. We made tons of money on that festival without really caring about it. My friend Daniel also started to buy all sorts of substances and bizarre things in bulk. We simply had more money we could ever spend during that time. Some of the psychedelic experiences I had on the Boom are so far out, that I don’t even attempt to describe them here. After the Boom we went straight to the After Boom.



Utopia was as the name suggests a psychedelic orgasm. Thousands of freaks moved to a lush location a few hundred kilometers from Boom Festival. Boom was hot and Utopia offered 80% shade in a beautiful ravine. The location was next to a beautiful crystal clear river with a natural pool. The quantity and variety of high-grade psychedelic substances were unbelievable. We recovered from Boom there and got ready for the final blow in Afrika. Our next goal was Rhythms of Piece Festival 2006 in Maroco.


Rhythms of Piece


Rhythms of Piece was the final festival of this mind-blowing tour. And we were not the only ones realizing that. The energy built up to a point of extreme density over the 1-week duration of the festival. The last night. Everybody was getting ready for one last final blast on this incredible marocain beach. I took Peyote Mescalin together with an Alex Grey LSD tab containing 225 micrograms of some of the finest LSD ever existed on the face of this earth. During the night Naked Tourist was playing dark psychedelic sounds followed by an incredible sunrise. A beautiful girl gave me a hefty dose of MDMA while I was still flying through cosmos on the LSD Mescalin mix. The sounds became more mellow and people started to build a psychedelic garden on the dancefloor made out of painted stones, toys and other psychedelic themed stuff.

Unio Mystica – The moment of Realization

I danced through the whole night and morning. At some point, I had to sit down. I sat down in front of the stage, facing the beautiful crowd. Everybody on this dancefloor was high on something. And not just a bit. I looked at the crowd while hallucinating strongly. Then, I closed my Eyes. What I saw at this moment is still up to this day, the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed. I saw the same which I saw before closing my eyes, but now it was translated into pure energy. What I saw was love. This changed me forever. I understood why I am here and what I am supposed to do on this planet. Up until this point in my life, I was pretty lost. This experience not only gave me meaning, but it also made me pursue personal fulfillment through self-realization. Only 2 years later I was accepted on the Academy of arts in Munich, and shortly after that, I got signed into Noise Poison Records. I believe this psychedelic experience in a way, saved my life.