Has the psytrance scene become too toxic?

PLUR. Peace Love Unity Respect. Those are the things the Psytrance community allegedly stands for. But it has become evident that this is not the only face of the culture. This is the story of people`s lives getting destroyed by hateful and untrue comments.

Gossiping is a phenomenon as old as human language. Why do we do it? Perhaps a better question is, Why do we like it so much?

And there are many different types of gossip that are not harmful, but then there is also gossip that is vile in nature. The darkest side of gossip emerges when it becomes the weapon—whether deployed by equal rivals fighting for a position, or by a senior executive protecting her territory.

As I said, gossip is fine. Nothing will stop it anyway. the problem is when it crosses the border to character assassination. Or when rumors are not organically forming but are created with harmful intent. During our investigation, we found out that this isn`t uncommon and many artists, creatives and organizers in the trance scene had to suffer from untrue gossip.

The reason why gossip is used so incredibly often is also its effectivity. The internet offers the right amount of anonymity to place false rumors and you can be sure that enough people jumping on the bandwagon to make themselves just feel that littlebit more important.

“He is a Heroin Junky” The more absurd, the more fun

Artists and Organizers are exposed public figures. Thousands and thousands of people are watching them, and often haters feast on the most absurd of stories. And when an artist reacts or gets triggered by it, the haters open a bottle of champagne and celebrate. This is not a fun matter. Peoples livelihoods get destroyed. And most of the time the rumors do not have a factual basis. People gossip for all kinds of bad reasons. Because their brain is wired to do so, to make them feel better about their own small self or in some vile cases, it is even used to kick competitors out of the business.

People love to communicate. Unfortunately a lot of people love to gossip

No Fair fight

The rumors about famous artists or other public figures always come from less famous people. Everybody can make a Facebook or other social media account. Many people prefer to stay fully anonymous on Facebook, which I of course respect. This, unfortunately, also leads to harmful toxic behavior. But the artists are in the limelight of attention constantly. It is their job to create interest and this is also why they are a prime target for rumors. And being famous does not automatically mean that you are rich. Often artists have no legal representation or money to fight against those who spread rumors that cross the border of legality. Devoid of any other options they often try to take matters in their own hands. This in return, often leads to the opposite of the desired effect. Once they address the falsehoods they often even blow up further or people just make up new stories along the way. It is vicious and it has to stop.

But if everybody talks about it… there must be some truth about it? or not?

This is one fairly common misconception about gossip. People are as mentioned, hard-wired to gossip. And in some cases, this doesn’t pose any threat. Unfortunately, all too often things go overboard. The untrue stories have the potential to destroy peoples life, despite them not doing anything wrong. Often it is enough to be liked by a lot of girls, being successful as an organizer or artist or just being beautiful that inspire people to invent stories. But is it really worth it? IS the envy of some people worth destroying another one’s life? I don`t think so.

What to do about it then?

Well, it is quite simple: Don’t be a monkey!

The first very simple thing to do is simply not to participate in those hateful moblike behaviors. If you notice your friends do it simply join in and remind them about the possibility that they are potentially forwarding untrue information. Most crazy rumors you have heard are probably wrong. Don`t be one of those small people that try to make themselves look better in the light of those untrue rumors. It does not make you a better person. In fact, the opposite is true. A bit of gossip is fine. But the next time you see people go overboard maybe let them know your piece of mind and then go hang out with some people that share love instead of hate. A human voice has the potential to spread love or spread hate. Make the right decision.

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