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A fresh talent from Brazil

Neurotrancers`s Artist Showcase welcomes the actor Groark for the first edition. The Project is made by the 27 year old Leo from Recife, Brazil. I got in touch with it in 2018, when i discovered his track „Excitonio“, released on „Take it easy, but take it“ on Another Dimension Music. I was so surprised to see that this young Act already released tons of music on well-known labels like Visionary Shamanics,Voodoo Hoodoo Records, which offers several hours of Audio-Pleasure. Instantly his music became one of my favourite ear-candy for my third-eye adventures and this still hasn´t changed

Groark IntervieGroark Interview

 You moved from Recife, Brasil to London recently. How did this happen and what do you expect from this?

I was looking for a new experience  I know I was in the middle of the chaos of the pandemic but in Brazil, I was stopped and I wanted to get to know another culture, another perspective on the parties, and how the scene happens here in London. I know it was not a good time. but I am here living something surreal and never lived, I am learning a lot and for me, it is a unique experience. But in reality, I came to spend time because you know, it is not so easy to move from your place of origin, especially now in this situation of a world in crisis, but other than that I’m really enjoying it and I’m able to experience something completely different from my previous life in Brazil.

My first show was spectacular, it was a lot of fun. I played in the famous Squat Partys. I had never seen anything like it before. Really very special for me, to realize that people gave very good feedback in relation to my music. I met a lot of nice people and lived the Squad Party life. I am very grateful for that experience! A shoutout goes to the Psychedelic Way (crew) and Bruno (Annubyzz).

If I am correctly informed, you started your career as a DJ for Fullon-Psy. How did it come about that you wanted to produce Forest-Darkpsy yourself?

So yes, in my city there weren’t many Darkpsy parties and the night scene was still underdeveloped and I didn’t have much contact with the people behind the culture either. I went to Full-On and Progressive Psytrance parties a lot and started to fall in love with one particular track and I was immediately starting to have the interest to play such music myself. I already had experiences with the creation of music when I was a child. I started playing guitar at about 11 years old. My brother and half-uncle already were experienced players. when I heard Psychedelic Trance for the first time, a crack opened up in my mind: I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DO THIS!

Shortly there after, I started to study with my friends like Annubyzz which was very important to me. After a while, more crews started to host parties with other styles like Darkpsy, Forest, and Hi-tech. I discovered myself more and more within those styles. I saw that it was what moved me the most and it really got me to know myself better as a human being. On the other, there was not a lot of requirement for DJs who played Darkpsy or something. I was kind of gradually changing my style. I started to produce groovy Full-On and after that Night Full-On Night and then it was inching closer and closer to Darkpsy. After a short while, I was shaping my sound until I got to where it is today.

You are currently running three different Darkpsy-projects. Your solo-projects Groark and Ithil, as well as Surke with your friend Re-Surge. Can you tell us more about these projects in general and classify them a bit more?

Groark was my first project. I went through several transitions within it, discovering myself as an artist. I work on it in a very abstract line of feelings, a more hybrid sound strolling through deep scenarios and melancholy in a range between 156 to 169 bpm. The second project is called“Surke” which I materialized with my brother Lucas Ferraz, after days of interned producing, and building a strong connection, we decided to create Surke, with a faster sound line, in search of for something more Dark / Experimental / Psymangue, which works between 160 to 200bpm. Ithil is a project that I am currently experimenting with apart from all other stuff I do.

What does the term #Psymangue mean, which you sometimes use for a description of your tracks?

“Mangue” is the largest vegetation in the city that I was born. This term “Psymangue” appeared initially among some friends of the psytrance scene in our city, Recife. He makes reference to Manguebeat – a cultural movement that emerged in the city, which sought to mix several musical references, from regional beats (like Maracatu and other styles of popular culture) to other musical styles such as rock, punk, hip hop, and electronic music. This movement also had a social character, evidencing our flawed system of inequality in our land and in the world.

In addition to being a way of empowering local artists who, from the creation of their own cultural style, they were able to establish themselves culturally on the national and world stage. This movement was recognized internationally and today, is one of the main artistic movements in Brazil. Thus, Psymangue emerged endulging in the psychedelic and traditional references that exist in our region, wich is the northeast of Brazil, revering an important cultural and artistic movement in our history and marking a unique way of doing psytrance – ours.

You recently released your Groark debut-album on Vallixis Records. Can you tell us a few details about the process?

Yes it´s called Axis Mundi. I had the idea to release my most solid material, a more serious album. I already released some eps ,but I felt that something more serious was needed for the people . I already have some music here, some music there , but I felt that I need to do it. So in the chaos of the beginning of the pandemic, I decided to gather all my strength and materialize it. it was a long process . „Axis mundi“ really comes from within…it stands for living in the opposites, the good and the bad, the duality of life. This Album represents me a lot! I was very happy with the result and I can’t wait to be able to play it in front of a crowd. So, this production was even quiet quick, a pure purge! Because I had a lot on my mind and the time to do it. But after I finished it, I had some kind of creative blocking , because I was already saturated by the lockdown and the whole pandemic situation.


You have already released a large number of releases considering that your artist career is still relatively young comparatively. Can you tell us more about your workflow? How long does it take from an idea to the finished track?

My creative process usually depends a lot on inspiration or my life experience, the way I´m living, if I am well, but also it can be good, if i´m feeling bad. But most of the time I am very inspired and I do usually work on one track, many people work on up to “several” at the same time, but I like to work track by track. I learn a lot by producing, I can understand myself more. it’s like a therapy for me, with a lot of emotion in it.

Which Hard- and Software do you use for Music-Production?

Currently, I am using Ableton Live. and I intend to continue for a long time 🙂

Are there any collaboration plans/projects with other artists for the future that you can tell us about?

Yes! I have some collaborations in mind. Groark & ​​Auraka, Groark & ​​Mentalis Zavar, Groark & ​​Xolotl (maybe an ep) and we are working on the new SURKE EP. an ep collab only with Brazilian producers. we are working hard on this ep and we want to launch something really massive for the year 2021.

Do you enjoy Darkpsy music from other artists in your daily life? Which ones would you recommend for a nice trip-experience? Which are perhaps an inspiration for you?

YES !! Every day I listening something! Certainly! Gasoline for the engine! So, I will leave some projects that inspire me and are a reference for me: Re-Surge, Metaphyz, Atropp, Orestis, Malkaviam, Aekda, Krapul, Noitrik, Sator Arepo. Apart from listening to Psychedelic Trance music I also listen to other stuff like Rock, Metal, Numetal, Neo-Psychedelic among others.

I would like to thank the Psysociety (Jonas, Samuel) for giving me the opportunity to talk a little about my project. thank you for real! I hope to meet you soon

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