Fright Rate – Hightech Psychedelic Trance made in South Africa


Today we have a interview with SA based producer and Label owner Seth Fright Rate.Fright Rate is a Label DJ for the mexican based Psytrance Label Kamino Records.He is producing music since 9 years now and just recently reopened his label Cryptic Symmetry Records.


Psysociety: What do you think is the key differences between the South African scene and the European one?

Fright Rate: With South Africa I think it’s more a conservative type of crowd…

Psysociety: So is it more commercial?

Fright Rate: Yeah very much, the darkpsy and forest scene is building a bit of momentum, but hitech is very much still underground. Not many events cater for it and it’s still small, in the minority.

Psysociety: How is the South African Psytrance scene developing at the moment?

Fright Rate: I would say the scene is on an incline, I mean there are events basically every weekend in summer from September to May, but it’s become a very commercial crowd. So usually high bpm music put most people on a back foot unless you into that type of high energy music…


Psysociety: How did you end up in the Psy Trance scene?

Fright Rate: I moved from the east coast of South Africa, where there was no Psy Trance at all, to Cape Town with my family when I was 15. I became friends with my mate Josh, and his older brother and friends where going to events and they told us about them and we found them interesting so we decided to go with them and check out what it was about. We went to a club called Getafix in Long Street, Cape Town. I don’t think I was drawn in to music so much immediately but more the party, the people that were attending and the energy of the party…


Psysociety: What was the music being played?

Fright Rate: Well it was 2000 then so it wasn’t so genre based, Infected Mushroom, Sun Project, Creamcrop crew. I think Creamcrop Records is what got me starting to really enjoy the music, they had a more minimal darker sound. And slowly then I started getting into the DJ side of things buying LPs/ Records and started to mix and that’s kind of where it started.



Psysociety: Please tell us a bit about your own Label , Cryptic Symmetry Records

Fright Rate: Yeah so I started the Cryptic Symmetry label around 2010 or just before in 2009. The idea was basically just to release music that I enjoyed and also to be an outlet for other artists I know. So the first release was just myself and Jerry Paralocks on it from South Africa and then I selected tracks from other artist around the world for the first compilation. In 2012 we decided to work on the next one VA together, that was Infotech. Jerry had a big input in that one as well, Jerry also did the artwork for both releases. After that I went through a bit of a quiet time because I was more concentrating on my actual music. Around 2014 I starting playing for Kamino Records so I thought I will concentrate on putting music out on Kamino Records. Then randomly this year I decided to do an EP because I had a couple of tracks lying around before they got old so I decided to do the EP. It was pretty well received so then I decided to do a VA and get the label up and running again and chatted to a couple of guys to help with some music. The next VA will be out in probably around December, the tracks will be going for mastering around November.



Psysociety: Are you open to other artists releasing on your label and do you know who you want to release?

Fright Rate: Yes of course, obviously it must fit within the labels sound, I am very much open to guys playing under CS. We have mainly picked up a couple of DJs along the way, I haven’t really focused to get label artists, but yeah for sure I am all ears for people wanting to send tracks.


Yeah I am looking forward to the VA, I know Kamino is also putting out a VA this winter and some other really good releases coming up and its really needed I feel because we don’t have that much of a large quantity of releases in hitech music. Fortunately Kamino is not waiting for 2 to 3 years or taking infinite amount of time for their next VA, they are pretty quick and it’s expected now this winter as well.

Psysociety: Can you tell us about the artists on your VA?

Fright Rate: Yeah it’s going to be a blend of some new comers all the way to some of the most established guys in the scene. It’s a great mix of tracks, some of the tracks I have received already and the quality is super top notch. I am very excited about this one.


Psysociety: What are your major musical inspirations?

Fright Rate: I listen to a lot of different types of music, a lot of high tempo music, a lot of metal and punk. Within the Psy Trance scene it comes from the artists I listen to, a lot of the Kamino guys, Parandroid, a lot of the guys writing with a bit of melody. I do like the brutal stuff but I do like a bit of colour in the sound as well.


Psysociety: What do you use to create your Sound?

Fright Rate: For hardware I have a Virus TI that I use mostly, also I use a Nord Rack 2X and a small Korg Monotribe. For software I like Massive, Serum, Albino and the plug in list is too long.


Psysociety: Do you have any classical music education?

Fright Rate: Ye I played guitar as a child from around 11, played in garage bands and things like that and in late teenage years got into the DJ side of things. I no longer play guitar, I am not very good. Most things with now producing have been self-taught. I have had friends helping me along the way for sure, some healthy competition I guess.


Psysociety: Which is the most impressive country you have been?

Fright Rate: Many places in Europe, Switzerland is awesome, I really enjoyed Spain, awesome food and it’s a beautiful country. I really do love Goa in India as well. India can be a difficult destination, if you can look pass the litter it’s really a beautiful place. I made some killer friends in India as well so will definitely say India is quite close to the top of the list.


Psysociety: What is the most funny and memoriable experience you had playing an international gig?

Fright Rate: In India I recently played in a really fancy hotel, in the restaurant. When I arrived it was already slamming 200 bpm and there were families eating dinner. The event wasn’t very well received but it was a funny moment for sure. I ate a chicken burger while I was playing and someone asked me to play happy birthday.






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