HEREThe Focusvape Pro and the Evolution of the portable Vaporizer

Portable vapes have come a long way since I first tried them out maybe 6 or so years ago. Today there are some really top-notch vapes for on the go.

Some years ago owning a portable vape always meant that you had to make some kind of compromise. Those days are gone. Today there are several high-grade portable vapes. Our fav is the Focusvape Pro and Pro S.

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Let’s go through the features

  • ceramic chamber
  • glass mouthpiece
  • exchangeable batteries
  • vibration function
  • seamless temperature controll

Amazing Vape experience – On the go

Not only the quality of the vape but also the vape density is excellent. Many vapes out there have the problem that they are not satisfying at all to use. The Focusvape pro is a different story. While never combusting the weed it still is absolutely amazingly satisfying. Different compounds in the plant vaporize at different temperatures. This is where the seamless temperature control comes into play.

The cleanest way to consume cannabis

Bong, joints, blunt, pipe. While I love smoking one cannot really argue about it being super clean or anything. If you have ever smelled a pure pipe or heavily used bong you know exactly how disgusting smoking can be. Another huge thing is the actual health benefits of using a vape instead of smoking. Vaping is not smoking. Since you do not bur anything it’s not cancerous as well. So you have all the good while not having the bad.

Superb build quality

The Focusvape just feels amazing in your hand. Everybody I showed it to so far loved it because of that. The materials used are of the highest quality and feel. It`s certainly a superbly built device. While many other vapes, especially in the range from 50€-150€, feel flimsy and cheap this feels almost like a luxury product.


The taste Dude, the taste…

After trying this out it almost feels like this is the only true way of enjoying weed. You really taste every little note of your herb in a way never experienced before. This is the future