Psychedelic flour in German supermarkets is striving to become the first magazine covering all aspects of psychedelic music. In this article, we report about about a flour recall in german supermarkets caused by rye ergot.

Flour recall due to hallucinations: The German company Kunstmühle Reisgang has recently recalled a batch of rye flour. The consumption can lead to numerous discomforts and in rare cases to hallucinations.

flour recall hallucinations

Source: Kunstmühle Reisgang

In a batch of the “Mehlzauber rye flour”, the manufacturer has found an increased amount of alkaloids. “Alkaloids are found mainly in ergot, which grows on cereals and grasses,” so the company. The consumption of the affected flour could cause nausea, headache, hypertension and, in rare cases, hallucinations.

The alkaloids are produced by ergot, which is known to grow on numerous kinds of cereals. It is also used to manufacture LSD 25, one of the strongest psychedelics known today. Unprocessed, the ergot is far less potent, so the possibility of a psychedelic experience induced by the contaminated flour is unlikely.

Customers can return the product without receipt and will be refunded.
Affected is only one batch labeled as “good until 17.07.2020”.

Flour recall due to hallucinations:  Manufacturers can never guarantee that their flour is ergot-free, so this will not be the last time you read about such incidents.