How not to sell festival tickets – festival ticket guide is striving to become the first magazine covering all aspects of psychedelic music. In this article we want to raise awareness about a common mistake made when selling tickets online.

Summer is here! The days become longer and and the first sunny days redeem us from winter depression. Many of you are probably already looking forward to an amazing festival summer.

But what happens when you bought a festival ticket but you cant attend? Right, you probably want to sell it. And exactly thats what this article is about. Usually I would expect this to be clear. But recent posts on social media made me feel the urge to explain this in an article, as the pattern can be found on almost every marketplace/ social media group.

Your barcode = your ticket

festival tickets guide

copyright: ticketmaster

This picture might look familiar to many of you. Right, its a “print at home” ticket and as the name already says, you can print it at home without any effort. At the festival entry, your barcode will be scanned and get you entry to the festival.


festival tickets guide

Source: ebay classified ads

First of all have a look at the classiefied ad. I guess some of you will already know what I am talking about. The above picture shows a festival ticket being sold on the internet, the seller did not make any effort to cover the codes.

You don’t have to be a criminal mastermind to come to the conclusion that you could use the persons QR Code without even buying the ticket. This leaves the seller with a worthless piece of paper.

Its often enough to show the QR code on your smartphone, nowadays you do not even need to have a physical ticket with you. And even if a physical ticket is required, replacing the QR code of a random “print at home” ticket with the stolen one is a matter of minutes.


I strongly advise anyone who is planning on selling his festival ticket to cover all visible QR codes! This will avoid unpleasant surprises. Furthermore its really hard to convince the buyer of your ticket that you were not trying to scam him, if the ticket is not working at the festival entrance. Never post uncensored pictures of your festival tickets!