Turn On, Tune in, Drop out – A comprehensive guide to tripping

LSD is more than just a drug. It is a boon for mankind. A cosmic helper that is provided by mother nature. Just as weed, magic mushrooms, and Mescalin this substance is there not by chance, but for a reason. In this Guide, I want to talk a bit about improving your experience. It is important to take the matter very seriously. LSD is not a toy, instead, it is one of the greatest tools provided to humanity ever. Using it wisely is Key though.

When people talk about Set and Setting they refer to the mindset of the person.


describes the mindset of the person who takes the psychedelic substance. Is the person happy or sad? What is his motivation? LSD and other psychedelics may help you with overcoming certain ego inflicted problems in your life. But there are certainly a variety of mindsets that are disqualifying you from tripping such as for example suicidal thoughts or extreme anxiety or Aggression.


is the place where you are under the influence. It`s completely different to trip in blissful nature than to trip in the middle of a busy American city. The trip will be highly affected by your surroundings. Some Psychedelic Trance Festivals try to offer a safe way for people to trip by providing Psychedelic Harm Reduction Services. You have especially trained people there that calm you down or help you with whatever you may need help.

In many cases, I prefer nature near my home and my home to trip. This offers maximum security. As an artist, I also value the possible implementation of the LSD or psychedelic experience into my artistic work.

When I do it at home this is is my usual procedure:

Cleaning the space

You want to have a controlled input of information. So no bills, stupid Paperwork, or distractions. Less is more. Get especially rid of all stuff with negative connotations. Bring the trash out, clean your sleeping place. All the little things in your trip will have an impact so be mindful to create an as positive as possible environment.

Cleaning Myself

There is not much to say about this. It`s just an integral part of feeling well to be clean. For special occasions like a trip, I usually take a little bit more time for everything. I use as little soap and stuff with chemicals as possible.

Preparing the Space

Choose some delightful music for the trip. Think wisely and feel free to experiment. Anything is possible. Beethoven or Mozart can be just as Interesting as Psytrance. Most Psychedelic Trance is designed to dance. So if you aren`t planning to dance a lot at home choose a variety of stuff. Chillout like Kalya Scintilla works great as well as 60`s Hippie Music. Take care of the light situation in your space(or home). Warm colors and colorful dimmable lights are perfect.

Prepare for the Next Day

I usually prepare awesome vegan food for the next day after tripping. I can simply heat it up the next day. Trips can be exhausting. So I often end up preparing something fulfilling (i.E Vegan lasagna, Vegan Virginia Steak with potatoes and cashew mustard sauce, or a nice coconut Curry with rice and fried Eggplant)

Furthermore I also usually have a bunch of weed for the next day to relax. This is of course not a must if you aren`t a smoker obviously do not smoke the weed. Instead, you can make a nice marijuana Smoothie for example. It will take approx. 2 hours before it works but the effect is superb.

Prepare for emergencies

A mindful Psychonaut always has a backdoor. That backdoor usually comes in form of a strong sedative substance like for example Diazepam. Talk to your doctor and tell him about your plan to take a Psychedelic substance. Furthermore, ask him what he would recommend. Tell him you want to do it as safe and controlled as possible. If he refuses to help you: Change the doctor!

Dose is everything

The effects of psychedelic drugs very dramatically. While for example, a 100 microgram dose of LSD can be pretty tame, a dose like 500 micrograms can blow you out of the window quite quickly. There are many factors to this, such as example body weight, tolerance, and general psychological constitution. I would actually encourage you to not take too little doses if you are aiming for a profound effect. LSD experiences can be Live changing. For an attempt in self or meta Programmation (i.E when you actually really try to use LSD as a medicine instead of a drug), I would at least recommend 250 microgram LSD 25 for a full-grown man and approximately 200 for a woman.

If you have to interact with people or planning to go to an “unsafe” place with other non-involved people I recommend a smaller dosage of 80-150 micrograms. But as said before: For profound experiences, you need profound doses.

Check your supply

One really important aspect is the purity of your LSD. Since the prohibition in the 1960`s LSD is mainly not produced by pharmaceutical companies anymore. It is produced by anyone that has the knowledge and the means to do so. The best thing would be to actually send your stuff to a laboratory to have 100% certainty. Do not consume LSD of unknown origin.

Advanced Users:

If you actually want to use LSD or other psychotropic substances to change yourself you should have a clear goal set. That can be anything from stopping to consume something like alcohol or cigarettes or you could try to program yourself to be a more organized person. It could also potentially help you with a lot of ego related problems and trauma. Programmation and meta-Programmation of your mind is a very advanced skill that usually can`t be achieved by taking something like LSD 25 only once. I highly recommend the following books about the matter:

Those books are written by some of the Pioneers of Psychedelic Science and both mentioned authors have been good friends with Timothy Leary . Some of the best literature on the matter out there.

Final thoughts

Taking and learning from entheogenic substances is a lifelong process. Although it can change your life quickly and in a very effective manner, only repeated use offers true insights into the inner and outer cosmos.

I am so grateful that Albert Hofmann made this amazing discovery in the 1940s. Although LSD was as he always said is his “problem child” it still transformed the world forever since its discovery.

I also have to mention that LSD can do as much good to people as it can do harm to people. So please be careful. Treat it as what it is: A sacred substance to heal yourself and your surroundings.