is striving to become the first magazine covering all aspects of psychedelic music. In this article, we want to spread the word about an incident at this year’s Masters of Puppets Festival that is leaving Kamino Records Artist Bombax without his work MacBook. 

Bombax MacBook Stolen

Bombax statement on the incident (shared on Facebook):

„This years edition was absolutely amazing with a quite bitter ending for me. Someone managed to sneak on/under the stage and stole my MacBook out of my bag. Thats a disaster for me since its also my work computer with loads of important stuff on it…l can’t afford a new one and really I am depending on it. I offer a reward of 500 Euro for any help finding it, even if you are the person who maybe accidentally took it, i am not mad as long as i get it back.“

This is unfortunately not the first time that this happens. Please contact Bombax directly if you know anything