Black Week: Massive sales in our Online Shop

We have massive sales during the black week starting 20th of November and ending the 28th of November. Profit from massive reductions in all product categories.We have tons of awesome psychedelic hoodies for you. Massive sales during Black week.Check our selection of...

Noise Poison Records finally has a SoundCloud

Since NPR opened up its doors last year, a lot has happened over at Noise Poison HQ. The label opened up a Patreon Account for its supporters, there is the NPR Webspace and We-Shop, Bandcamp, and now finally a Soundcloud Page as well. Upcoming Projects The label...

News: The new Briskerz Album will be released on Noise Poison Records

Briskerz is the Italian based project consisting out of three outstanding music producers: Yatzee aka Yuri Dimitrov, Daniele Rinaldi aka SONIC SYSTEM, and Giovanni Galimberti aka Brainstalker. The three are widely known for their insane skills and finesse when it...

The New Psysociety – Giving power back to the people

The new Psysociety When we started we didn`t have much more than a vision. What if, we could through our combined effort, take the step to give people the power to write about the culture we love. Since then, a lot has happened. New people came to the...

Psytrance in Singapore

In this article, we will present the psytrance community in Singapore. The author of this article wishes to stay anonymous, as in Singapore there are very strict and repressive laws against drugs and he fears to be prosecuted for his contribution.

10 Mind-Blowing Pictures from MODEM Festival

MODEM is a Gem of a festival, and this is pretty much common sense in the scene by now. In this article we are showing you the 10 most impressive photos of this years edition.

5 Easy ways to keep your personal Co2 footprint low

5 Ways to keep your co2 output low Your life makes a huge difference. Not only by helping our planet yourself. You can be an inspiration for the people around you simply by doing the right thing. Here are 5 easy ways to keep your personal Co2 output in check. Share...

Flour recall in German supermarkets due to hallucinations

Flour recall due to hallucinations: The German company Kunstmühle Reisgang has recently recalled a batch of rye flour. The consumption can lead to numerous discomforts and in rare cases to hallucinations.

How (not) to sell festival tickets

Summer is here! The days become longer and and the first sunny days redeem us from winter depression. Many of you are probably already looking forward to an amazing festival summer.

Psytrance DJ Perplex killed in Mexico

The French born psytrance DJ Ronen Dahan, better known as „DJ Perplex“ was shot during his Gig in the Mexican city „San Luis Potosi“.

5 Facts about CBD

5 Facts about CBD

1. CBD doesn`t make you high You could think that CBD makes you high just as THC does, but in fact, it has no psychotropic effects on Humans. Although it can improve your mental state,...



The Top 7 Hitech Psytrance labels 2019

The Top 7 Hitech Psytrance labels 2019

OVNI Records OVNI is a kick as label by well-known Producer and manager Julien aka Angry Luna. He was able to form a fantastic team of producers, artists, and DJs around him. The label has a distinct funky vibe to it and the people in it seem not only be connected...



What is XIII Monkeys? XIII Monkeys is one of my new musical birthings. I started it a couple of years ago shortly after hanging out with Orestis for two weeks in Brazil during Universo Paralello and after. I love the style that I did for the past 8 years or so but I...

Exclusive Mix: XENROX

Exclusive Mix: XENROX

We have a super dope fresh mix by XENROX for you. Please give us a repost, share or like to support one of Europes finest hightech psychedelic trance acts Xenrox“ is the new project of Samad, from Vienna (Austria). With the age of 14 he made his first experience in...