5 Facts about CBD

1. CBD doesn`t make you high You could think that CBD makes you high just as THC does, but in fact, it has no psychotropic effects on Humans. Although it can improve your mental state, concentration, or lift up your mood it does not change how you experience the world...

Has the Psytrance scene become too toxic?

Has the psytrance scene become too toxic? PLUR. Peace Love Unity Respect. Those are the things the Psytrance community allegedly stands for. But it has become evident that this is not the only face of the culture. This is the story of people`s lives getting destroyed...

Psytrance in Singapore

In this article, we will present the psytrance community in Singapore. The author of this article wishes to stay anonymous, as in Singapore there are very strict and repressive laws against drugs and he fears to be prosecuted for his contribution.