It does not happen often that I am still impressed by a Producer or DJ. We all know, that a lot of the contemporary Psychedelic Trance productions sound identical to each other. And also on the DJ front, many choose to go the easy route. But then sometimes, we still get delighted by an individual that takes the long road and is not scared to do things differently. IN this case, this individual is DOCTRA aka Masatoshi Kitazaki from Japan.

Basic information

Real name: Masatoshi Kitazaki
Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan
DJ experience: 25 years

Record Label:

Q: What is the meaning of DOCTRA?

Written in Japanese kanji, it actually does not make a whole lot of sense.

The Kanji 毒虎 represents “poison” and Tiger.

However, with the spread of SNS and Youtube in recent years, I thought that English notation would be a good idea.
It became “Doctra” in order of the alphabetical notation of the corresponding Kanji signs.


Q: Please tell us a bit about your technical setup.

I basically like 2 turntables and a 2 channel mixer.

Current setup

Mixer: RANE 72
Turntable: Technics SL-1200mk3
Midi Controller: Pioneer DDJ-XP2
DJ Software: Serato DJ Pro

Slipmats like butter rugs. As for the record needle, I like SHURE’s SC-35C.

Of course, if I DJ outside my home, I can also play with a 4-channel mixer and CD player using the ASIO interface.

Q: What is the situation in the Japanese trance scene in 2021. Explain!

Let me reply with all sincerity.
I’m not famous in Japan.
The name recognition of “DOCTRA” in Japan is close to zero.
However, I think that many of the songs played at trance parties are old school songs.
I think most of them are old dark psychedelic or forest styles.
Progressive music like Hitech is coming late to Japan and still didn’t get a foothold.
It would have been exciting without Corona, but now all festivals seem to be canceled.

However, before the pandemic hit, DJ Fumi was always great.
She lives in the same City (Fukuoka) and I often see her. She has the best technique and sense.
She is definitely one of Japan`s best active psychedelic Trance DJs.

I still can’t believe I was able to join Noise Poison.
If I get a lot of attention in Japan, I may get a job as a DJ in Japan as well. There may be a collaborative effort between me and DJ Fumi.

Q: Since when do you practice the Art of Djing? When was your first contact with mixing music?

I think I’ve been practicing DJing since 1998.
Also, I value how many hours I have DJed rather than how many years I have been DJing.
I basically mix and scratch every day.
I sometimes listen to the tracks I play many times to understand the song. This is also a practice for me.
It was a long time ago that I saw a DJ performance for the first time. RUN DMC’s “Mary Mary” was a big shock. I was impressed by how Jam Master Jay used records like musical instruments.

Check this video:

So that would have been probably around 1998.
After that, I became captivated by DJ Qbert.
It is his influence that the crossfader is now reverse.
Around this time, I enjoyed playing various records, especially Battle Breaks records, rather than genres.
I was shocked by the trance music I met around 2005. At this time, I think my direction was decided.
Of course, so is Cosmo, and I liked Darkpsy, Furious, and Kindzadza.
This is because this music is free and intense, not just one element.
For DJs, it’s a sound source that makes you want to play.
From here on, I’m settling into my current style.

It’s been a long explanation, but this is the background of my story about becoming a DJ.


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This Interview was conducted by the owner of, Samuel Zimmermann aka PARANDROID

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