Technology gets more and more affordable and high-quality.

A few years ago no one would have thought that you can buy a high-quality 4K stabilized action camera for as little as 120 bucks. Akaso has one of the hottest deals when it comes to action cams.

Ease of use

The Akaso is extremely easy to use. It has a touch screen with a simple interface. I adapted to it very quickly and could handle the camera confidently after only a few days of use. No one should have any issues controlling this action camera whatsoever. The whole system is controlled via two buttons situated on the upper right side of the device.

Amazing Quality for little money

This camera really shines in good lighting conditions. If you use it during daylight the results are amazing. The camera does not only support a full 4K resolution, but it also does so while electronically stabilizing the image to prevent shaky footage. Furthermore, the product itself feels quite high quality. It has a rubbery feel to it and comes in a grey color with a minimalistic but aesthetically pleasing design. To top things of the camera comes with a ton of accessories, a waterproof case, multiple mounts, and even an arm wrist IR remote. This package is simply unbeaten until now on the market.

Low light performance

While there is really little to complain about there is certainly one thing: the low light performance is quite frankly abysmal. I do not recommend this camera for night shots or shots made during poor light conditions. You are way better of with a full frame DSLR or proper Mirrorless cameras such as the Sony Alpha III or the Nikon D5300. Very few Action Cameras can shine

in low light conditions. If you are looking for something more suitable for low light we can recommend the Yi 4K+ or the Sony FDR X3000. Those are both a lot pricier but definitely, some of the absolute best action cams you can buy for your hard earned cash.

Battery Life and stabilization

Battery life is surprisingly amazing as well. You would think they cheaped out on the battery on such an affordable device but they simply didn`t. You can shoot hours without having to change the battery. And this isn`t even where the good stuff ends: The camera comes with 2 battery packs and a dual USB charger that can be powered by a battery bank. The camera itself can also be powered directly through the mini USB. This opens up awesome possibilities when it comes to time-lapse shots or long duration recordings of any kind. The thing is so versatile.


Get the Akasoc V50 Pro for only 120€ now!