Psysociety is the new independent Online community about Psychedelic culture


Psysociety is a new community driven project that connects artists and likeminded people from all over the world. Our aim is to offer you real meaningful articles , reports and keep you up to date about what`s happening in the world of Psytrance & Psychedelic Culture!
Multiple online outlets such as our websites and social media plattforms will be used to offer a wide variety of content.
Our aim is to stay independend as much as possible.
The project is as mentioned a community driven project. That means that YOU can be a part of it. If you have any skills in Webdesign , Editorial , Video Production or if you just want to help us please send us an email to:
We feel that too much in the psytrance culture has been commercialised , hence lacking authenticity and true heart.
If a promo or magazine outlet is only driven by money and not the will to spread this beautiful culture.
We will not cover only the people or groups of people who have money to pay us.
If you look around most Psytrance magazines and outlets it becomes jaringly clear what their aim is: To fill their own pockets.
This has nothing to do with any form of reliable or meaningful content. It is a simple business endaviour. Not more and not less. You can argue about the legitimacy of such “magazines” (f.E:Trancentral).
We hope to have your support! Please feel free to write your ideas , wishes and proposals to us!


We aim to bring you the coolest storys about psychedelic culture from all over the world!

We report live from festivals, and interview the people behind the scene!

Community driven & Crowdfunded

We don`t rely on advertisement to present our services.  Our project is crowdfunded and therefore independent.

Together we are strong!

We are one

We aim to reunite the psyculture and not deivide it. We cover all forms of psychedelic art ,music and festivals. Noone get`s excluded everybody is welcome to contribute!


We will cover what we think is best for the culture and not who pays the most! Our outlets are usable by anyone with the right intentions.

Contact us!

Samuel Zimmermann aka parandroid

Samuel Zimmermann aka parandroid

Founder of psysociety

Parandroid is the mind behind the project. He is well known for his decade long determination to the psychedelic culture. After studieng free art in Munich he became one of the most succesful german psytrance artists. He created several susessful projects to help others as for example instinct learning. The aim was to give upcoming trance artist  a more stable income while still doing what they love the most:creating art!



Social Media Admin

Maya takes care of our Instagram and is the right hand of Psysociety.  She researches ways to push our visiblity and also works in the editorial section of the Magazin.