1. Buy their music

One easy way, of course, is buying the artist’s creative products. Some artist only offer their music on Bandcamp, others have a broadband distribution over platforms like Spotify. However you buy the music from the artist, it will support him in some way or another. As always, the more direct the better. If the artist or label has their own website to sell their music then this would be the ideal way to purchase. If you buy music over a platform like Bandcamp, a hefty percentage goes to the platform itself, leaving little for the artist.

Crone Horrordelic Records

2. Support their content

This is certainly the easiest way to support any project: Show them your support! Like, Share and comment as much as you can. This helps the artist break through the rather tuff social media algorithms of today. This is of course 100% free and I am pretty sure you probably already do this. Never hesitate to share the love for something great.

3. Donate to that Patreon page

Some artists have Patreon pages that you can support. The Hightech Psychedelic Trance Label Noise Poison Records has one. They share their content with their fans. There is also a Patreon exclusive Discord Server just for Patreons. Often you can start supporting projects starting from as little as 1$. Depending on how much you are able to support the project you get more exclusive content.

artists during covid parandroid live in brazil maya festival
Photo by Bruno Camargo (Y) Facebook: www.facebook.com/brunocamargofanpage (Y) INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/bruno_camargofotografia

4. Buy Merchandise

Many labels and artists offer cool Merchandise. This is another way for those projects to promote their work and make a little bit of money at the side. This becomes double important during the Covid-19 pandemic of course. instead of buying your next Hoodie from a brand like Nike why not getting something much more unique, that also supports what you love?

5. Join Artist Live Streams

Live streaming became a hugely important tool for artists and musicians to stay in touch with their communities and fans. Often Labels, Organizers, and artists offer a way to donate during the live stream. By now, many labels and Artistic projects have their own YouTube and Twitch channels. Many also use platforms like Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram. This is of course not a replacement for real events. But for now, this is an awesome way of hanging out with like-minded music nerds online, chat and enjoy awesome live performances by your favorite artist.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting the Psysociety project. Please Share this article with your friends and followers. The people behind art and culture deserve your support during the covid crisis!

Much Love <3