Alien Chaos

AKA Khaoz Fraktal (producer/DJ) – Began his career in 2009 at age 16. After four years of attending Psytrance parties and festivals he began playing at open air parties in his home country of Brazil. As his music and sounds improved over time he found a name fitting for his creation and in the year 2013 he officially launched his project, ALIEN CHAOS.

Alien Chaos is inspired by geometrical patterns and shapes that fit his technical and beautiful sounds perfectly. He creates and manipulate sound waves that are transmitted to the listeners through sonic vibrations across the dance floor. His liquid granulated sounds and huge impacts build and describe an alien like atmosphere, accompanied by sharp filtered leads which interact between his ferocious kicks and rhythmic baselines. His music will take the listener on a trip to a high spiritual state of consciousness.

Magnetik Sadhu

Born in São Paulo, Matheus Richard is the man behind Magnetik Sadhu. Coming from a family of musicians, from an early age he was exposed to all kinds of music and art, He was taught to play the drums by his father who was also and drummer and an extremely passionate musician.

In 2010 Matheus was apart of 3 different bands, 1 of hardcore and two of death metal bands. Over time he delved deeper into the alternative and psychedelic world where he started attending trance parties and sparked interest in being a DJ.

In 2013 he started his dj project “DisorderCREMATORIUM” where he had a lot of influence from artists such as Necropsycho, CinderVOMIT, Sanathana, Marambá & KillAtk. After some time playing Dj sets he felt the need to make his own songs and express himself in his own way, So in 2016 he started the his project Magnetik Sadhu.

Magnetik Sadhu is described as dark psychedelic & experimental which does not follow the standard rules and breaks the boundaries of music.

With much influence in quantum physics and exploring the experimental side of reality he aims for the ritualistic and spiritual dance.

He not only focuses in emotion of the dance floor, but also delves into the spirituality and journey of the sounds brought to you by his powerful synths, noises and drums.

He is currently apart of Dark Valley Records, Labyrinthine Crew, Anomalistic Records, Shamanism records.





Impertinent was first exposed to Psytrance by his mother and after some time his passion led him to discover how these musicians created their magic and produce their sounds.

In 2010 he was introduced to Ableton by a friend and sparked his Impertinent project, He always has listened to all styles and genres of Trance music but he was especially drawn to Psytrance that broke the rules and had no limitations in Bpm.

He describes his music as freestyle and sees music rather as a form of art instead of being bound to a set of rules, He aims for a dramatic, funny and emotionally explosive sounds that can only be described in one word – IMPERTINENT.


Marambá is a psychedelic project formed by João Alexandre, A musician based in São Paulo, Brazil. His music began with classical guitar in 2003. After being involved with electronic music and working on many festivals around Brazil for over a decade His music production began to take form.

His project explores the use of organic instruments and sounds recorded in the forest, With influences from Brazilian traditional songs to indigenous singing. Bringing harmonic and atmospheric innovations to unite the dark aspect of Trance.

After blasting the Brazilian scene for 3 years he released his début album “Alvorada,


KiLLΔTK it’s the project created by Gustavo Castro in 2013. After 2 years of creating his own style and sounds he met Natural Disaster the person that would change his career. Natural Disaster started to teach KiLLΔTK some Cubase technics and help him develop and perfect his sound.

Since then KiLLΔTK has released tracks with labels such as: Galactic Crew, Popol-Vuh-Records, Up 160, Dopetec Records and Anomalistic Records.

With freestyle productions, KiLLΔTK is changing the Hitech scene in Brazil.