One could easily mistake DOGMA for a silly 90`s trash comedy movie. But it is not. The story about the two renegade fallen angels played by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck touches deep themes while still being funny. The 87% audience score reflects that this is the epidemy of a hidden gem and a must-watch. If you haven’t seen the probably best movie directed by Kevin Smith, go for it as soon as possible. This movie also aged incredibly well.

Unfortunately, the trailer of the movie is one of the worst cut trailers in movie history. The best is if you watch this movie directly. You will not be disappointed.


This is probably the most sampled movie in psytrance history. This movie is more than a movie. The American experimental philosophical adult animated docufiction features some of the brightest minds of a generation. The whole motion picture is painstakingly painted over by artists. The animators used inexpensive “off-the-shelf” Apple Macintosh computers. The film was mostly produced using Rotoshop, a custom-made rotoscoping program that creates blends between key frame vector shapes, which also makes use of virtual “layers”, and designed specifically for the production by Bob Sabiston. Linklater used this animation method again for his 2006 film A Scanner Darkly. It is a breakthrough movie and piece of art. No esoteric bullshit. Just pure and high fidelity mind expansion. You have to see it to understand it though. Explaining Waking Life to somebody is like trying to explain a DMT Trip to somebody that never had a psychedelic experience.


This critically acclaimed movie by Bradley Cooper surprisingly really touched me in a personal way. Being a professional musician myself, the story of the worn-out but successful musician touched and inspired me in a meaningful way. I didn`t know anything about the movie prior to watching it, which I think is a good thing. Bradley Cooper manages to transform an outstanding story that gives insight into a rare reality: The reality of successful, devoted musicians in a world where musicians are merely products that get sold. It accurately captures the often sudden climb of Musicians that get suddenly immensely successful. Fantastic movie. Go watch it right now – and not only if you are a musician.


The premise of this movie sounds quite extreme. But I can tell you right away: this is no horror movie.

Bubby, played by Nicholas Hope in his probably best role is locked in a dirty basement for all his life with his mother. She impregnates Bubby `s brain with the thought that the outside world is full of toxic gas. Bubby is well over thirty years old when he finally escapes the bizarre reality of his lifelong imprisonment to realize that there is a whole world for him to discover. Not many people know about this critically acclaimed movie written and directed by Rolf de Heer. BBB is as disgusting, and appalling as it is touching, funny, and inspiring.


This movie by Richard Linklater is a sight to behold. Using the same Rotoscope technique as Waking Life this dystopian movie gives us insight into the reality of an undercover cop named Fred (Keanu Reeves) that is addicted to a drug called Substance D, which causes its users to develop split personalities. Fred develops multiple personas as for example the drug dealer Bob. He tries to set up an elaborate scheme to bust Bob and destroy his operation. The film is so beautiful, and a visual masterpiece. Even if the story isn`t Matrix levels of revolutionary it still manages to amaze.