after launching the beta version of the system update for July 2018 a few days ago microsoft now made the update available for everyone.

You can now download the update and enjoy the added features.

Those are the new functions of the July Update

FastStart loads games faster:

Thanks to fast start the Xbox One’s System is able to prioritize the crucial files and prioritizes the download in the background. You also can start games prior to downloading the full game to your harddrive.

Using Groups to organize apps and games

Groups allows you to create folders in the Guide menu for quick access to games and apps. You can name the folders, creating tailor-made spaces that sync across consoles.


More Search Options
Searching for content is now even easier!  Now pressing the Y button anywhere in the dashboard will bring up the search dialog, allowing you to easily launch your content, sift through Settings, or find products in the Store.  This process is found in many apps, but now you can do it anywhere within the dashboard.  Not seeing enough results for your search? Hit enter or click the “more results” button to view a full page for your search results.

Mixer Share Controller Improvements

enabled full mouse and keyboard support for PC users, along with Share Controller Key Bindings.

added multi-touch support for touch-enabled devices. This allows multiple controls to be used at the same time! For example, you can control the joystick and press A at the same time on your touch laptop.

per-channel leaderboard that spotlights viewers who have contributed to a streamer’s channel the most during a Share Controller session

Full Screen Broadcasting on Mixer
Mixer streamers can now go full screen with their webcam while broadcasting. You can switch to full screen webcam broadcasting at any time you want. While in this mode game audio is muted, making it perfect for talking to your audience while switching from game to game or setting up before you start playing. You can even do all IRL broadcasts!

Console broadcasting quality and stability improvements

They’ve made a number of changes and fixes to improve overall broadcast video quality.  You will now experience improved performance when broadcasting bandwidth-heavy multiplayer.

The Download of the new July Update should start automatically once you turn on your Xbox One. If not you can go to your settings and manually start the System update from over there.