I loved DOOM 2016. When I heard that Doom is getting a port for the Nintendo Switch I was more than excited. Being able to play one of my favorite games of the recent years was a delightful prospect. Doom featured an amazing Campagne that was fun from start to finish. The graphics where top notch and the Soundtrack was definitely among the best Soundtracks ever written for any video game in gaming history. The big question with the Nintendo Switch Version is: Can this current gen beast of a video game run well on a Nintendo Switch?


The Complete Experience

Panic Button did a truly amazing Job with the Switch Version of Doom. Almost every Graphical effect is retained in the Switch version while still offering a pretty damn amazingly stable Frame Rate. And the main goal in any video game port should do exactly that: Rain the full experience and feeling of a release. The Nintendo Switch Version of Doom works with many small tricks. One major method of preventing an unplayable frame rate is the use of a Dynamic Resolution. The game will dynamically scale the resolution depending on the load on the Tegra X1 GPU solution the Switch is working with.

Doom First person shooter panic button



Solid Framerates

I am more than happy to report that the switch version stays true to its 30 Frames per second promise. The image might scale down to various resolutions such as 360p in order to provide extra headroom for Visual Effects. I think that occasional trade of in visual fidelity is well worth it. During the intense battles that you fight in Doom, you will barely have a moment to actually analyze the picture output of the game. Frame rates rarely drop below thirty, and when it happens it is usually during Doom`s glory kills. Once you staggered enemies you can activate a glory kill. this will happen in a rather fast-paced Animation. During that quick animation, it is not possible to interact with the game, so those drops really do not pose any serious distraction from the gameplay.


A Visual Treat

As mentioned the Visual Effects are more or less completely retained and they especially shine in handheld mode. I personally almost exclusively play my switch out of the dock since I have other gaming solutions for the Big Screen (PS4, PC). While a drop to 360p really looks immensely muddy on a  modern 4K TV, it still looks completely OK on the 6.2 inch LCD Screen from the Nintendo Switch. Shadows, Volumetric Effects like smoke, Gaussian blur and even the particle System of Doom are still there. Panic button uses the right techniques in the right spots. It still looks and feels like the original release.


switch fps portable bethesda

It looks damn amazing in portable mode


Nothing Cut from the original release

Panic button port doom fps switch nintendo


Amazingly Panic Button didn`t have to cut any corners when it comes to Level Design or gameplay mechanics. You get the complete Experience Single Player wise. The Levels are presented in full including all Geometry, layouts etc. Everything that was there on the PC and console releases is also in this Version of the game.


Bright Future for Nintendos Hybrid Console

This port is not only a marvelous technical achievement, it also opens the doors for other bigger triple-a titles to get ported over. Since Dooms release on the Nintendo Switch, Bethesda and Panic Button already released another current generation triple-A shooter and it doesn’t look like this would be the end. Panic button achieved something substantial with this port. This is not a dumped down bad version of an amazing game but instead a brilliant way to take your favorite Shooter with you wherever you go. Furthermore, Panic button just recently teased that they will announce a major triple-A port for the Nintendo switch shortly and I can not wait to finally find out which game this will be.


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