Doom was one of our favorite games of 2016 and we still enjoy the game running on our Nintendo Switch consoles today. Other than the PS Vita, Nintendos Hybrid Console received a ton of love from all angles in its first year of existence and was also graced with a beautiful port for the system.  In comparison, the Sonys Handheld gaming system didn`t see a major western triple-a title since quite some time now. But there is actually a way to play ID Softwares marvelous shooter on the PS Vitas beautiful OLED screen!


Totally unlocked Playstation Vita

Since the Swiss-based Hacker, The Flow released Henkaku(an easy and safe Jailbreak/Hack for the PS Vita) a lot of amazing Homebrew software has been released for the system. One of those Homebrews is Moonlight. Moonlight uses Nvidia’s Streaming technology originally designed to work with the Nvidia Shield and makes it usable on the PlayStation Vita.


What you need to make it work:

  1. All you need is a PlayStation Vita Console with the firmware 3.60-3.68 to run Henkaku or Encore. In this case, we use Henkaku since the Encore installation is a bit more advanced. Check how to install Encore here.
  2. A relatively modern gaming Nvidia GPU like the GTX 970 or above
  3. A stable broadband internet connection and a modern Router


How to Install Henkaku on your PS Vita:

To hack your PS Vita on firmware 3.60 you need to go on the official HENkaku site on your PS Vita Browser. From there you can press the install button and the hack will be installed on your PS Vita, along with a utility (VitaShell).
VitaShell lets you install PS Vita homebrews in the .vpk format, and also runs as an FTP Server (with the “Select” button) so that you can copy files from and to your PS Vita (you’ll need an FTP client such as Filezila installed on your PC).
Our HENkaku FAQ gives more details on the installation and troubleshooting

Next head to the official Github page of the release and download the VPK here:

Once you have installed moonlight on the Playstation vita open it by selecting the Bubble on your PS Vita Homescreen and follow the onscreen instructions of the User Interface. Once Moonlight is set up you will be able to remotelöy start any Game or Program from your PC using your PlayStation Vita.