When Wolfenstein 2: The new colossus released last October we were stunned by the game. It was a perfect marriage of absurd over the top Nazi killing action and an awesome story. The dystopian first-person shooter by machine games featured superb graphics and gameplay fluidity, so how does the switch version hold up? We were lucky enough to get a chance to play this massive game on Nintendo`s awesome hybrid console.


Impressive Performance

The first big question about the switch version is, of course, the performance. We are happy to report that they successfully squeezed every little drop out of the Tegra X1. When DOOM for the Switch released the performance was an issue. Over time patches were released that gradually fixed the performance issues. I was confident that Bethesda learned a lot since the release of DOOM. And they did. The new colossus for the Nintendo Switch runs pretty damn smooth. Obviously, the graphical bells and whistles had to be toned down to achieve this. Nevertheless, the switch version is impressive. Especially in handheld mode, it looks simply beautiful.

wolfenstein switch portable



Bright Future

Not only cannot wait until the witch version gets released, we also love the fact that this shows that the switch can handle “Big” triple a titles. Bethesdas support for the Nintendo Switch may very well cause a chain reaction of third-party support. Hopefully, other publishers get inspired by Bethesdas success and follow up. While the Switch had an amazing first year since it`s birth. Despite the great start we still believe that the switch needs the continued support from third party developers to keep their line up fresh and divers. We love Mario, Link, and Luigi as much as you do but many ports such as Skyrim and Doom showed how great those games can be when played portable.

machine games switch wolfenstein