Goa is such a marvelous place. I was several times in goa to play gigs. But this time was truly special for me. Instead of taking my plane home after a few days I decided to just stay. this was one of the best decisions I made. I made so many new friends and had one of the greatest times of my life. Despite the fact that I am constantly traveling around the world for a decade with my project Parandroid I almost never took the time and enjoy places for my own pleasure and inspiration. I hope you enjoy the pictures and hopefully see you soon in Goa!

This is taken on the road from Chapora to Siolim. Sunset time has a really crazy vibe to it.  It is also one of my favorite roads to drive with a motorbike. Especially at night when no one is there.


This Foto is taken at Sri Restaurant. I took a cottage there for almost two weeks. One of the best places to chill in goa. I had an awesome time there.


This is Chapora by day. I really love this place a lot. It really comes to life at night when the bars start to fill up. You find tons of freaks there every evening. I went there countless times to enjoy smoke, eat and drink with friends.


You can find this Trishul at Vagator Beach. I came here very early morning. At 8 AM there are barely people there.



This is taken close to Arambol. Close to the beach, you can find a sweet water lagoon. Really a killer place to chill.


Amazing Sunset clicked close to Arambol. Really cool moment.

My friend Jack aka KAZZAK in Arambol.

This picture is again shot in Vagator beach during morning time.


I hope you enjoyed those pictures!



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