1. If you enjoy orgasms, you might enjoy the effects of LSD or “acid”. Acid simulates the effects of serotonin, endorphins and many of the other chemicals in your brain that make you elated and pleasured. It increases the pathways between sensory areas in your brain, meaning you can sometimes quite literally see sounds or listen to the feelings your skin receives. Though it can’t be explained neurochemically, acid trippers often report feeling a mix of dreamy beneficence and sage-like wisdom – along with complete control of mental and physical faculties. In simple terms, it feels amazing, encourages thinking and makes you love everyone.

2. LSD is non-toxic. Unlike alcohol, cigarettes and cannabis, LSD doesn’t damage your body. A drinking session is worse for your brain than concussion, and smoking will make you die early, but LSD will only leaving you feeling a little bit tired and worn out the next day. In fact, despite the widespread availability of acid in the 60s (when it was legal), there has never been a case of confirmed overdose. It’s a shame, then, that it has a street name as destructive and corrosive as acid.

3.It makes you more intelligent.Intelligence goes far beyond the academics. Intelligence is making the correct decisions and having the right answers to benefit yourself and the earth around you. When under the influence of LSD you gain fresh insights and can understand things in a new way allowing you to see things more clearly

4. It sparks creativity Something creative created you to be creative. Being creative is one of the greatest gifts to humanity. It is what enables me to communicate with you right now. Creativity entertains us, it exhilarates us, it is our art, and our poetry. You only have to look at what Steve Jobs and The Beatles created to get a glimpse of what LSD in the right hands can do.

5. It makes you more spiritual LSD does not challenge major religions; in fact a many users have claimed that they have felt a connection to Jesus, Buddha or even Greek gods. LSD helps you to realize the oneness of all things. It brings you closer to everything else helping you to realize that only our fears and beliefs separate us. It helps to make you feel apart of the universe rather than separate to it. It helps you understand that everything and anything that you do here makes a difference and that all actions have consequences.

6. It diminishes your ego LSD makes you empathic. It helps you to feel how others feel and see things from another perspective. It gives you purpose and drive to help and do more good in the world. LSD helps you to care less about how you are seen by others making you less selfish and more sharing. LSD helps remove fears allowing you to work through deep-rooted issues, past traumas and is psychologically therapeutic.

7. Effective cure for depression There are many different reasons why you may suffer from depression but many can be cured by having a sense of purpose and a reason to live. LSD makes you feel significant and will spark your life purpose. It helps you appreciate what you already have. LSD works by resetting the brain chemistry, which is a very effective way of restoring things that may be out of balance. LSD encourages you to let go of the things that are not serving you.

8.It helps break addictions Statistics show that LSD is almost ten times more effective as treatment for alcoholism then alcoholics anonymous. Users also report quitting cigarettes and harder drugs such as methamphetamine, heroin and crack cocaine.  LSD can also help you with almost any addiction like junk food, television or even over thinking.